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Road. Give us one more real quick. When cathy was younger she was driving the hollywood hills when a cop pulled her over when the cop walked away to get his paperwork. Kathy hit the gas and sped off and was never caught. I'm gonna say no also true. Were in the reality. Tv nation tweeted. This is the greatest episode of watch. What happens live. i've seen in years. Kathy is an art kathy. Brad said how about installing a white noise app for your phone instead of lugging that huge fan around every one by download. The app okay. Crystal dominic age wants to know. Did you accept sutton's public instagram apology. And did she apologize to you personally before posting that. Yes she texted me and action. I talked to sutton quite often. Well yeah so yes. She apologized and and of course. I do love it that you brought your person set tonight with this bag. Who could best friend that bag. Your best friend yes. Yes well and youtube or flying back commercial as well. I'm leaving las vegas paris's performing tomorrow night in las vegas at our new hotel..

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