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Slash Investing Gold Maryland Pierce Fenner Smith incorporated by the registered broker dealer, an investment advisor. Remember S I P. C Your Next update in 10 minutes. NewsRadio 16 Wi OD. All right. Thanks. Well, it's a warmer, more human day. Otherwise quiet. Well, maybe maybe not. I just heard some thunder overhead here on Miami Beach. So afternoon. Partly cloudy skies 30% chance of showers and highs in the low eighties. Not time for our business News and blueberries. Chef Belgium Marty Jeff Jimmy. We may have months to go before the nation will reach herd immunity for the Corona virus, and things can start getting back to normal. Has said in Biden told CBS. The idea of getting to herd immunity much before the end of summer is very difficult. The president said his administration is pushing hard to get more vaccine manufactured. Tic TAC is reportedly planning to make an aggressive push into e commerce here in the United States. The Financial Times reports the China owned social Media APP will introduce new features, including a tool that allows its most popular users to share links to products and earn commissions on sales. Livestreamed shopping a mobile version of television shopping channels. Is also said to be in the works. More than two dozen Cox Media Television stations have been restored to direct TV and other a TNT video platforms. COX and a TNT reached an agreement on a new long term retransmission agreement. Terms of that deal were not disclosed. Come back to you, Chip. All right. Thanks very much. Well, um How many new covered cases reported yesterday by the Florida Department of Health 6624 state white positivity rate was 6.82% locally. Percentage positive. 7.18 and Broward 6.92 in Miami Dade 97. We reported deaths. Hospitalizations air down to about 5300 right now decrease of more than 2400 and just three weeks. As of this weekend about 9% of South Floridians, Palm Beach, Broward, Miami Dade and Monroe. Have been vaccinated. Statewide, The percentage is about the same about 2.6 explained. Vaccines being administered now, actually, 42 million doses have been administered vaccination rate increasing Significance last week, just under 1.5 million a day. It's really not much of an increase from where we began so process last month. Tragedy. Fauci says the supply of actually will continue to increase in the coming weeks, even though there's a clear clear discrepancy between this demand in the supply that will get better. As we get through February and into March. Not only will they be more Mo Derna and Fiza doses as we.

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