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It's just a thing into real thing. Hitting him in dramatic fashion to Yeah, right. Power hour is here. Look at this man. My first power hour in a week. I'm trying to catch up Carlos Ramirez of NBC Bay Area Sports. Striking out the side yesterday in the green and the gold, and they played the L. Metrodome, too. When he came in the fans dig him over there and some some of the A's fans around me at that game. That's what I'm saying. Be mad at this guy ever, ever. I got a smile on my face watching this guy right here. You know what I mean? I said, And when he's facing Buster, I'm like these two guys got together in Detroit. Manimal Magic. Yeah. Speaking of which the guy they struck out is in the news. Miggy Cabrera 500. Congratulations to him. Yeah, alright, Power hour begins top six or the powers under where the top six and cooler content coming on campus. 145 and 6 80, The sports leader. My Crew co. With Murph and Mac has been sponsored by your Northern California Honda dealers at nor Cal Honda dealers dot com. Murph in Mac power. Our searches on the next on K NPR one. Oh 45 and 6 80, these sports leader. Magilton Auto body Traffic desk will be heading into downtown San Jose. Maybe going to San Jose State. North, um to 80 is bumper to bumper. It's erect right at the Guadalupe Parkway. Two left lanes are blocked, and that's why it is jammed through the one on one interchange onto southbound 6 80 from McKee Road. Meantime, northbound one on one is heavy and slow. Still into Morgan Hill San Martine Up past East Done, And then the slows again from Blossom Hill Road all the way up to Montague Expressway. Westbound 205 heading in from the Central Valley. A grind from the 11th Street merged up to the top of the hill in North Flynn and then again sluggish from North Livermore Avenue. All the way out to the 6 80 interchange were backed up to the 8 80 overpass and then slow all the way across the Bay Bridge. This traffic sponsored by your North Cal Honda dealers. The Honda Summer sales event is on come in now for the hottest deals on every Honda, including the stylish accord, Versatile CR V and.

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