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At the dismiss some of the questions of my colleagues saying i've already answered that line of questions would tens of millions of americans or hurting right now because of what they're worried about what happened in the white house has unacceptable to me booker accused nielsen of silence and amnesia on the manner calling it quote complicity president trump has denied using the vulgar slur an investigation into washington dc high schools finds students are graduating despite missing dozens of school days the findings come after an investigation by member station waam you and npr into graduation rates dc's balu high school from member station waam you kate mcgee as this report the report found that if balu high school had followed district grading and attendance policies sixty four percent of graduates wouldn't have received diplomas the report found teachers felt pressure to pass chronically absence students and grading and attendance policies were unclear clear dc schools chancellor antoine wilson like many of you i am disappointed in these findings but i can assure you that dc as has the courage to fix the issues and improve dc public schools has permanently removed belu's principle but chronic absenteeism is an issue across the school district for npr news i'm keep mickey in washington you're listening to npr news from washington former white house strategist steve bannon testified before the house intelligence committee for more than ten hours on tuesday lawmakers were not satisfied with his responses so the issued a subpoena to compel bannon to answer questions the subpoena is still in effect and he will need to return democratic congressman adam schiff of california's his bannon refused to answer some questions at the direction of the white house the us and canada have finished hosting a meeting of twenty allies in canada over threats posed by north korea greg mcaulay reports secretary of state rex tillerson cautioned his counterparts over north korea's nuclear threat the twenty foreign ministers all representing countries that were allies during the active part of the korean war agreed to strengthen existing sanctions and porsche for a negotiated settlement within north secretary of state rex tillerson says the nuclear threat continues to rise in the northwestern negotiate orrell's at of north korea does not does not.

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