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Vehicle cross flooded roadways. Tropical rains continue to work in slowly from the South is Veda makes landfall as the tropical storm and continues to just drift slowly across southeastern Texas. In fact, by Tuesday night, it's still southwest of Houston. Inches of rain still to come some three inch plus downpours with a flash flood watch and tropical storm warnings. East winds continue here tonight and then settle down into Tuesday, 71 overnight I'm meteorologist Scott Larrimore, the Weather Channel. And of course, we do still have the flash flood warning in effect for punch of Brazoria, Fort Bin and Harris County, and that's going on until 2 30. This morning. Right now we're looking at 74 still rain showers here in the Galleria, the top tax defenders 20 Former weather center 12 01 Our top story. Houston area BIOS air so far holding up from travel Storm Beta. Jeff Flender with the local flood district says they're keeping a close eye on Clear Creek, though right now the creek itself is doing fine. We're just gonna have to see over the next 24 to 48 hours where exactly those bands of rainfall develop in what areas could potentially be impacted the most. But at the moment, we think all of our bodies and creaks will Be able to handle this rainfall. If there is flooding, it should be more in the isolated fashion and not widespread lender says. As of midday Monday, Harris County had only received less than two inches of rain in most places, but the rain is expected to continue off it on the next 24 to 36 hours. Data did make landfall off. PORT O'Connor, Texas just after 11 o'clock tonight, I last night, Galveston County Judge Mark Henry says his county will likely remain under a travel storm warning for the next day or two. We expect tropical storm winds in the 35 knot range and rainfall estimates have actually dropped now around 4 to 7 inches. Our biggest concern is storm surge. We have already seen localized flooding. And storm surge going over the road and Bolivar Peninsula on Highway 87, even as far north as Walter Hall Park in league City that backs up declare Creek Galveston's Hi Wanna rescue crews have been on standby waiting for anything that may be needed? So far. Good s so far so good. And four been county officials. They're monitoring the rainfall from beta. Mark vulgar is the account is training district manager Rain that we've received up to this point has not produced much run off at all ever were now saturated point on the ground. But if the rain occurs is predicted, 34 inches a day, we should be able to handle it. Our channels are designed to handle the reins and at this point our challenger basically empty, so we're in fairly good shape. In the meantime, storm surge has already battered boat docks and Chema, where waters now flooding through the population destination. The site. A lot stronger than I thought it was gonna be definitely, But I thought, you know, you have to go down to Galveston to get this. I'm not a little surprised. Pretty amazing. I keep thinking. Maybe I should leave now..

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