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Once again to investors John Gary Kaltbaum your host they thanks for being with us today glad you're here ladies and gentlemen happy that you are listening it is Tuesday it's March thirty first it's two thousand and twenty the quarter ends today good I do want to let you know up front tomorrow is April fools day we will not be doing any April fools anything at this juncture no we are not as you know we are happy people we are positive people here but we're just going to table it for a year yeah now you know how the canceling sporting events for another year I hear Wimbledon tomorrow is going to be cancelled we're gonna cancel a pool full day here investors edge just this year hope you don't mind first off I I haven't said this in days in case you don't know this is a show about you and as we tell you what your money but really we always tell you to with that everything that affects you with your money and that is the job the economy Washington DC everything else under the sun and right now more than ever John I've been watching a little bit to begin now when they've been talking about how many jobs are going to be lost in the next going on right now and the numbers if come out to be true are staggering no one would have to think that is staggering is those numbers will be that when this thing turns that'll be just a staggering coming back one would believe that but I must tell you as Mr logic your missed a larger your voice of logic I always put myself into the shoes of those people in those things I am thinking about like what is an airline C. E. O. two at this juncture you've shut down ninety percent of your flight you're not going down well by the way some airlines have shut down a hundred percent of their flights easyjet which I fly everywhere in Europe they shut down they do tons of flying out of Gatwick I believe that's their home place in London but in our case we have airline shut down eighty ninety percent of their flights and all of those flights I had a good buddy just fly from DC to Orlando in back here three people going there for people coming and going back what do you do for your C. E. O. of an airline well what I would do is this sense you can't go back to a hundred percent capacity you can even go back to eighty I don't you can even go back to sixty what are you gonna do you like feeling in the dark for a little bit to see what kind of demand there is because we don't know yet how people gonna travel I am I just going to go on airplanes or these big corporations going to the side you know what you working from home staying there no no no we're not told you're losing the job Hey it's been working we don't know if that's going to happen so there's a lot of things to think about as we move forward and get past this that's what I'm doing as we get past this what is Gary gonna do anyway just wanted to throw that out to you because that's the big story I think going forward as we get not this second the big story is getting rid of this friggin virus now we do want to let you know that earlier this morning I felt she was on I believe for CNN and said starting to see glimmers that social this distancing is dampening the spread of the coronavirus markets rallied up and since have pulled back in with down nominally I am so thankful we don't have one of.

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