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With two of the great comedy minds that made us laugh for so many years. The Wonderful Richard. Pryor and of course Tim Conway Tim Conway Anway sadly died in May of two thousand nineteen but I grew up watching Instant Parker and Mikhail's navy. Tim had a funny. You know he had a very funny bit with Dorf. He had four or five videos where he did DORF which was a a guy a very short. It was sort of a dwarf kind of character that he created he would do it from on his knees and the way he moved around. I made it. was you know. I don't think anybody could not laugh. When they met Dorf He had Harvey Korman Struck. Comedy Gold over and over again on the Carol Burnett show particularly when Tim was trying to crack up harvey and Harvey was trying not to break. It was always something that we as an audience. We knew what was going on and we just love watching it. Tim also did voiceover. He was on spongebob. Bob And he was on On a bunch of Scooby Doo and a bunch of things as a voice actor. So that's our show Richard Pryor will get a second but of course Richard. Pryor Richard Pryor is is on the Mount Rushmore of comedy in so many People's opinion But let's talk about the monologue I. It's a short monologue today There's some jokes about McDonald's in a company sunny in England that tried to come out with a McDonald's knock off The big MAC and Johnny gets a few laughs. Out of that that outcomes Tim Conway to plug his special show and then after he plugs it he wants to just leave and it's funny because Tim is kind of a quiet interview as funny as he was he. He's very quiet in the interview and You you know he just really I think is there. The plug is special. I don't know if he's intimidated by johnny or an offer Johnny but You know it's not it doesn't flow like it does with so many other guests then they get into talking about earthquakes. They talk about some of the earthquakes in California. There's a couple of jokes In reference to the interview not really working so I I think it might be a little Inside but it also might have been a little awkward who knows but you give us an unyielding sun the second guess is Richard Pryor who you know as a kid. I think probably one of the first Comedians I saw in the end Sullivan show was Richard Pryor and watching him sitting at the floor at the foot on my parents bed and laughing I think subtly one of the one of the people that made me want to become a comedian and even growing up in a community family when I was a comedian but seeing prior on Sullivan show he just so likable. And he the You know he had in the early stages he wasn't as he got a little more controversial as as his career went on but he was very much you can see the influence of Bill Cosby and others in his early stand. Stand up career days I got to see a many times work at the comedy store. He used to come in and work out his material in the early eighties. When he was getting ready for his His TV specials specials. He would come in the comedy store and we all were in awe so many of the young comedians was standing in the back and watch him work and of course whenever they would announce Richard Pryor special. She'll guest tonight Richard. Pryor the crowd went crazy. So that's a a a part of my comedy memories that I'll never forget. Richard had done a movie. Co California Foreigner Suite with Bill Cosby and it had gotten some criticism and that is one of the things. Richard I guess this seems to bother Richard. Johnny asked him who made up his audience. And he said you know for the most part You know black people or mixed but in this audience long beach was mostly white and he talked about a joke. That couldn't work because it was not not his normal crowd he. He has a funny story about Chinese waiter that he saw and they both talked fondly about China and one day going there. Richard Pryor died sadly at Sixty five years of age in two thousand thousand five. It was his third heart attack and he had suffered from MS for a number of years. Richard had been married seven times to five different women but As is an actor as a comic. He's a legend he's on everybody's list of top COMEDIANS. He was number one on comedy. Central Number one comedian. The comedy Central List. He is rolling stone named him number one of the fifty best comedians. He had a tremendous influence on so many of our young comedians working today because Richard was not afraid ready to attack a controversial subject and find the laughter in and find the humor in in in racism. And everything else that was you no hurtful in those days. So Richard Pryor legend. He redid his own autobiography movie. That he co directed and that he wrote and directed called Jo Jo Dancer to answer and that was about his life although it was not a success It was still an amazing look at his life in nineteen eighty. He set himself bonfire while freebasing which was tragic and.

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