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This story is you've been were you? In the story about the NRA Hemorrhaging cash. Because of New York and they, they may have to shut down their headquarters It's hard to believe I don't believe it at all I don't either I don't either it sounds. Down? To me, like wishful thinking on the on the left and the membership, is growing right I mean we've heard nonstop reports of, the membership growing over the years. So they, had to pay, a seven million dollar, fine? And then they lost their insurance you know for you know, defending your second amendment right if somebody comes in your house and you have to shoot and you know they, had the insurance that would cover you for for selling and. A legal NRA branded member liability insurance policy to cover legal costs and sale, self defense, so New York said he can't sell those You can't. Sell those really that seems a little crazy Anyway so we'll we'll we'll delve into that tomorrow and. See if. We get some. Answers for you on that that's troubling speaking of crazy? Have, you been following what's. Going on in South Africa yes this. Is. Somewhat troubling I would think You? Know, if you care about. Justice at all South Africa's ruling African National Congress has targeted one, hundred and thirty nine farms now that they're expropriating they're just taking them away for white. People without compensation in the next couple of weeks and they say it's in. Line with section twenty five of the country's constitution that's the one that Ruth Bader Ginsburg thought was such a, great constitution that she would look on? My gosh that is right was all about right. She forgot about, that clip, all about human rights and so that's That's why some being covered now because. It's all about human rights all about the destruction I'm telling you guys I'm. Telling you you have to learn about Postmodernism because it explains everything absolutely everything I meant to look it up, this week 'cause you keep mentioning it? I don't know what the hell it is and. So I forgot But I'm going to do. That you need to You know maybe come in sometime this week, and we can just talk about it because I if you understand that you understand why this is okay to people, why people who are on the very, far left why they believe this. Would be okay Because you would say I would say hey apartheid we covered. That and we should have covered that. And it. Was really. Good, when we cover people of any race. Being, rounded up or killed. Or you, know being squashed right right so it's just another race of people doing it to another race of people I don't, care what race it is it's bad it's wrong, Nope not in this case because of Postmodernism well it's, so bad. There I mean they've already they've already, attacked white farmers a lot and have maimed them and have killed them and have taken farms and, they've got, another to. Death in the furniture and the, death in, the barns are in their houses horrific stories if you want to read about it, I don't know why you would unless you just want to know what's going on in the world but it's it's, horrific then they sent out this tweet That said the biggest, this was from the African National Congress they tweeted, out the biggest, mistake, we're, making is to consult murderers white people or nine. Percent of the population they own seventy nine percent of the land they never came in consulted, us for the, land if, they? Want. To for if they want us to forgive them now then let us share. The land the mineral resources okay so. They essentially. Called all. White, people murderers because that's who they're talking. About, consulting and people would. Nuts on, Twitter in this at all we just tweeted out somebody who was in the congress who said that okay well you, didn't attributed to anybody you didn't put any quotation, marks on it you didn't put that you're re tweeting, it you. Know it just came from the African, National Congress and if anybody doesn't think this is just going to end into a massive race war, and and, and the. Slaughterhouse holy cost of white people Look what happened to Portland we were just talking about this have you really have you read the story about what. Happened in Portland crazy okay It is because of the mayor yeah. Just a limousine going on I, don't like ice and so they're not gonna get any help from. Me, they took hostages in? A federal building they took federal. Agents as hostages and nothing happened is amazing how little we heard of? That. Too It's almost nothing about that we. Heard him they left behind you know. Why do you know who's sponsoring, them you know who's supporting them who democratic socialist of course yeah Care I, mean, jeez that's why that's why they're politically totally. Fine it's the same thing that is happening in a bigger on a bigger scale or more troubling scale in South, Africa it's it's. Fine it's, fine totally. Fine take. It they did it White people did it why people are responsible for apartheid, they have come. Into them, didn't we. Say that. That was wrong We all. Agree that that was awesome, Mendeleev say that was wrong didn't he Remember remember? Meeting. With the guy that got? Nelson Mandela out of jail the, white guy yeah you, remember what he said? You remember how. What he said when, Nelson Mandela met what was his name it wasn't cleric was, it the the the head of the? The white party in. In South Africa I think it was clerk was it, I think send remember he said he said he was. There and he said not a lot. Of people, knew this at the. Time I don't, know if they do now he said but I was there and he. Said Nelson, Mandela came and nobody knew what Nelson. Mandela was going to do I mean he could have started a race war it could have. Been just massive blood should have been, total revenge and cleric. Could have done the same thing could. Have just said get the, army go And he was very. Tense and he said Nelson Mandela walked into the room and remember he said he got down. On his knees in front of cleric, and said brother please I have I have no animosity towards you have. None towards me, you have, the chance right now. To join me and set things right and fix this through peace and he was on, his, knees It's amazing. Story yeah. Amazing and cleric did he joined him and it was. They set out to reconciliation until this new president came in and said, reckons his quote reconciliation is. Over time has passed for reconciliation Yeah that's that's revenge We mentioned several. Times how politically we're we couldn't be. Further from, Nelson Mandela I mean he, was socialist communist he but but as far as a man is for his for his country and, for his fellow men he was same level same thing. With, Martin Luther, King yeah I mean Martin Luther, King towards the end I think he was moving. Right, towards socialism communism Seems like it seems like it. I. Don't know, for sure I mean he's dead, I don't know does not yeah but who knows Doesn't matter when it. Comes to how, you behave. In. Situations like that He's, the man so Nelson Mandela so as Gandhi I. Don't agree with Gandhi and. This guy seems to. Be a bad dude he just wanted us guys we just want revenge this guy's a really bad dude So so what happens Unless we intervene I think there's going. To. Be serious bloodshed If I if I were a white farmer. I think I'd be getting for. Getting out of that. Country. And. Now I, believe they can't that's what I've heard yeah yeah I mean we might actually have. To go, his talk to. The Nazarene fund and and see I. Mean I, don't know. I don't think he can get out I mean, I'm not I'm, not excited about getting entangled in other. Messes but I mean I don't know what they're gonna do they're just, going to be slaughtered? And if somebody doesn't help them this what happened in, Zimbabwe it's just going to be ethnic cleansing Zimbabwe's a, really clear parallel, here whereas exactly the same took away. The the land from the white, farmer and the gliding they're black who, did the did the? Mugabe who was a yeah so yeah And. And, he The big problem there with friends, who were black they, were not farmers but they didn't know how to farm. And what happened. The people starve Well it's kind of like what happened with Lenin.

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