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Great and wonderful. Nobody sat near you. Nobody wanted a beer. And when the wave started i was like oh right. The wave exists. yeah. I haven't seen you in years. And it was the first wave of the season and there was no wave last year so it had been years since a wave. I hoping the wave had maybe died off. Oh you're an anti wave guy. We'll get there in a second wave but you know someone started the wave and the wave went around the stadium in a in a in a lull in the game. Because there's a real etiquette to when you're meant to start a wave and if you it's annoying one away of comes at a at a cool moment when everybody's fixated on the hitter and it can actually be a situation where someone tries to start a wave and they get really like harsh booed booed by people like no. You don't want your wave right now but there are when the game starts to drag. Somebody gets away go. And it's wave o'clock and they really flogged that wave. They tried to keep it going. They started it again when it died. The wave kind of went around a few different times. I do admire the section that starts it because it does take some perseverance and a and force of will like. Let's get this going people. But i mean it's also megalomania the you want to see twenty-five thousand people do your bidding. It's astonishing how few people are needed to start a wave you. There's been a lot of research done on it because this is the type of thing that people that are applying for research. Grants think is hilarious and a lot of times. It's it doesn't start with a grant it starts with a physicist who's like waves. I studied those. What about this one does does the property of stadium williams have anything in common with like electro-magnetic or physical. Well it does and a lot of research has been done into a stadium. Wave would be would be described by a physicist is a vertically polarized transverse traveling wave and is and they are kind of measurable across. There have been several studies. That's probably what happens when you like flop a flap sheet before you put it on a bed right. The it looks similar. But but it's it's a wave comprised of thousands of individual actors. It's very much like a kind of a wave that would go across the ocean or you know a wave that would happen. We have see individual. Tendrils are doing their own thing. Yeah little things that are all working together as a as as a wave unit almost like you know the the incredible science of birds in sky kind of independently but but moving together as a group. Right so yeah. A lot of. I think i think it has inspired physicists. Independent of one another. They see happened and they're like. Oh what if. I looked at that more and it turns out jock. Physicists yeah and you can you can Waves are very popular television. Entertainment to when one starts in a stadium. The cameras can't keep their eyes off of it if it's a good one and so there's lots of video footage of waves that allow physicists to kind of compare and contrast and take take the mean and it turns out you can start away with a dozen people all. It takes even in a stadium of fifty thousand people. All it takes is a dozen or twenty people to stand up once it takes a few tries. sometimes it does in that But you know takes a few tries in a moment where either a stadium is kind of patchy or Or she wants to be paying attention. The wave can die if you don't realize if you don't realize it's about and that's that's something that happens in the group right next to you and it's one of the components of the success of a wave. There's you know there's the there are three conditions that have to be met and or rather there are three metrics. One of them is the distance between audience. Members individually do the things that will determine the success of the way right one of them is. How many neighbors do you have in eyesight of you. So when you're looking at a way of approaching. Can you see far enough down the stadium to you know to build up the excitement and those two are different because stadiums have seating sections so sometimes with us to jump a gap or something and then there's the kind of hard to determine readiness to stand. How how amped the crap amt and how board. It's a combination of support. If you're too board you won't stand it all right. If you're too into the game you're also won't stand it all right. Exactly spa you have to be. You have to be into the game but nothing. This is why the nuremburg rallies did not have the weight. Well it hasn't been invented yet. Oh is that right. Yeah we'll get to that in in a second to but but seeing seeing the wave she was one of the people in. You've been two games with this with people like this. And i bet your kids were like this. She washed the wave so avidly as it went over coming. Daddy it's karen comes here comes here comes. And then she just oh. She gave her all all the way up. And i'm tall enough. Generally unless it's a super wave sit up in my chair and raise my hands and go ahead and it's just as good as a as a person that's five foot forward doing honestly a section that did not even stand but if they all did their hands at the right time the wave could keep going with cookie which is good otherwise it makes the wave ablest if it requires that's right and require standing. It's not real. It's just it's just hands in the air like you. Just don't care and you make some kind of sound How important you think the sound is. Well it's funny. The wave has become very popular in australia at the cricket ground and the australian wave has taken on a kind of class elements and the australian wave the stream. We've has been banned at cricket matches several different times distracting the players. Who just for being the wrong vibe at a cricket match well so so in australia the there's a there's a place in the sydney cricket grounds that is reserved for members of the sydney cricket club. Yeah and they are all wealthy and they sit together and their one. Little snobby cricket area show gets about australian cricket. Yeah here we go again and as the as the wave in it's you know it. The wave obviously appeals to australians because it allows them to go and stand up at once famous australian qualities like their ancestors did right before stabbing dockworker but when the way was introduced to the sydney cricket grounds it would arrive at the at the members only section and they wouldn't stand it was considered a dick laissez and the way would continue and this is one of the amazing things about the kind of crowd understanding of a wave with time it would pass through the non-standing cricket ground and began cricket club and began again on the other side as though uninterrupted so it is interrupted by people are leaving the interval of time it would would've taken people don't let it jump immediately like a spark no wait for it to go and then it comes back around and so the the the tradition there or the the habit became that during the time when the wave would be passing through the the cricket club the audience boos so go around and then it hits the boo comes out the other unprecedented sports for people to do a full section of the of yeah and it became a class issue and so it was. It was banned. Not i think. I think on the grounds that it was distracting but also it it took on this sort of class. It's always clauses fair when the lower class rises up. You know the upper class never minds class warfare as long as they're the ones perpetuating it but the australian cricket fans then refuse to abide by the bam but would they started to do was as the wave went through the cricket grounds. They went sh they would all they would all say shush or and there are waves. That are quiet waves where everyone is completely silent about. It'd be a very super spooky. And cool and i wish that we would do that in a marriage game. I don't know how you would start quiet. Wave but yeah. The sounds alerts people. It's coming right. You need to get all eyes on it but but if you could somehow get especially in in a full stadium to get tens tens of thousands of people to do a quiet wave. Oh ma'am do do that. Everybody knows my funeral is going to be at At yankee stadium here in seattle. Maybe if they ever agree to have meat throughout the first pitch i will i'll instigate a silent wave. Okay okay the first picture. I'll get to that. Are you gonna come up with a megaphone bullhorn so you can let everybody know but let me start a silent wave i. It's just like optimus..

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