Robert Muller, Intelligence Committee, Russia discussed on MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)


Sort of thing that tends to evaporate into the ether and now couple that today with this new sixty seven page report that has just been released on a bipartisan basis from the Intelligence Committee in the United States Senate now Robert Muller yesterday was at his most passionate and honestly his most coherent when he was articulating the scale of the Russian attack on our election. It's intentions implications how serious this was as a threat to our democracy. He said over all the things he has dealt with in his career. This is one of the most serious threats he have as he has ever seen to our country. Remember he was F._B._I.. Director in the immediate wake of nine eleven well now immediately in the wake of his testimony here today. Surprise is the Senate Intel Committee reporting unequivocally that that they have looked into this in detail and they agree with Robert Mueller. There can be no doubt about what happened here from page five of the report quote Russian government affiliated Cyber Actors conducted an unprecedented level of activity the against state election infrastructure in the run-up to the twenty sixteen elections. I mean even over the course of those two hearings. Yesterday you heard Republicans become less able to keep a straight face while questioning or denying the Russian attack attack happened or that. The Russian attack was any big deal. I mean it was poor. Republican Congressman Tom McClintock from California at the morning session yesterday who started off trying to say he didn't believe all the social media manipulation stuff run out of Russia from the Internet Research Agency Agency. He didn't necessarily believe that was necessarily even from Russia. Kenya prove it I mean that was a very strange assertion by congressman McClintock particularly because he's from California right like you sort of think that maybe he might they have trouble with that when he goes home I mean I guess he's going to say that. There are Internet research agencies everywhere. There was just the Saint Petersburg franchise. Maybe they could have been running that stuff out of Indonesia office. I don't know I mean that was that was not in the morning but by the afternoon noon even the Republicans on the Intelligence Committee. Some of them were paying lip service to the fact that yes what Russia did was bad and yes. It was serious and yes. Maybe we OUGHTA start. Think thinking about how to how to stop that from happening again well that's yesterday and then today this bipartisan hi partisan report from the Senate Intelligence Committee hopefully will help Republicans get over whatever this tacit directive they've received from the trump White House that they should all pretend that Russia didn't do what it did but there's there's a couple of things that I think are worth noting about this report over and above its emphatic attic public conclusion that Russia attack the election in an unprecedented way and one of the things I think worth knowing about this report is just how freaking redacted it is. I'm not sure we expected the the intelligence agents committee's report on Russian interference to look like a barely unsealed indictment set aside like a whole big chunk of my day today I was like we've got a sixty seven page single-spaced report plus lots of footnotes to get through GonNa leave myself time. You really get through that not really it's more like a coffee break read. It's all under black boxes. It's all blackout. They all pages look like this. I mean presumably these reductions are at the behest of the intelligence community. I don't know but this is a serious toner investment for your printer. If you'RE GONNA print it out I mean here. Let me just show you an example. All this is page twenty eight of this report from Senate Intel you see the heading naming this section of the report..

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