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I was very disappointed in the dodgers during the off season i mean here houston goes out get skirt coal and the dodgers basically lose their second best pitcher yu darvish who i don't think was the greatest pitcher in the world that didn't upset me as much but their lack of going out and getting free agents or getting anybody to replace darvish was a little disappointing yeah i completely agree i mean they're they're literally there shuttling up pictures from triple a right now to to help eat up innings and fill the void yeah i think they i completely agree they made the right move by not bringing back you darvish but to expect alex would richhill kenta maeda and hundred and review to to expect them to be legit good per whatever it to to expect to really depend on them coming into the season i think it was asking a lot with without any kind of an upgrade plus you just look at at that staff is a whole not just the starters but their entire bullpen everything they're just they're gassed you know they've pitched a lot the last couple of seasons and like you i felt like they needed to they needed an upgrade they needed to bring in kind of a fresh fresh arm to kind of give them some energy and take some of that burden off and they didn't do it so i think they just they look tired they're pitching staff looks tired they're doing a little bit better this weekend in san francisco but you know they're doing it in a season where the zona diamondbacks are off to one of the best starts in baseball history in case you missed it the diamondbacks by winning last night in washington over the over the nats they have the the arizona diamondbacks have started the season by winning nine straight series right sorry about that a guy called me up called the station and i picked up the phone i.

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