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What what I'm not sure what parts that conspiracy theory. No I'm serious to the Liberals Watch, which part of that is not accurate. Okay. The none of it it's all accurate. You just don't like it that we point out that we know where your money's coming from and WHO's trying to destabilize this country shocker how source has also been involved in Ukraine and other places where they've had color revolutions the orange revolution, the green revolution in Iran, which wasn't necessarily Soros thing but the Ukraine one. Oh, there was some heavy ties to that one. But. That's a whole other. That's a whole chapter in my book. That's for another day. We're talking about right now is the coup coming and how the military people former military folks in association with Soros Link Groups and Soros money are planning to destabilize the united, states and open. He's talking about it outside of conservative media. Bizarre. How Bizarre? How Bizarre? That's our? One in new the rest hey, by the rights remember that's us. You don't have to buy the right systems all free. Again, just challenge any part of this liberals fat fact, check it which part of this has been inaccurate. The streetfight part, which is an actual quote the Soros money, which is obvious. The Soros Group, the affiliations which. which part? So what is it call revolution? Something our Intel folks and military folks here. Have used over decades. To foment revolutions overseas for hostile regimes, revolver does a great job explaining it. This great. Says I quick note on color revolutions. A Color Revolution in this context I with specific type of coordinated attack that the US government's been known to deploy against foreign regimes Oh. Particularly, in Eastern, Europe deemed to be authoritarian and hostile to. American interests. Rather than using a direct military intervention to effect regime change in Iraq. Color revolutions attack a foreign regime by listen to this. Here's what a color revolution does overseas are they doing this here to? Color revolutions attack a foreign regime by contesting its electoral legitimacy Oh. Oh, really. Okay. Wait this more. Member one joe check okay number one check. Contesting election legitimacy number two JOE organizing mass protests objects, check a risky there. Wow. got that one yet. This war. Organizing mass protests and acts of civil disobedience. Weird. Kind of looks like what's been happening here sounds like a street fight, Joe Street and refi. What else do they do? Oh, they leverage media contacts to ensure favorable coverage to their agenda in the western press. Not. Oh. Yeah tweet. Did Right. For check marks your. You saw that Washington Post. Right. have. magically blame all this stuff on Donald trump don't worry for we elect Donald Trump. It's going to be a cataclysm. There we go. Ms Paula going back to the well again on that one. Tell me again. Now there's not a coup just. What forty fifty days away I read. Please explain I'm interested to hear why this is all insane conspiracy theory stuff by this is on a right wing price aren't someone's describing this weekend a right wing provocateur. I me. I'm the. You're the one tall calling for a street fight. To poll, trump from the White House industry fight, and we're provocateurs that's hilarious hilarious. I'm not done with this article folks I WanNa get to the third screen channel I'm talking about the coming coup article, revolver article the coming to so much material, and if you don't read this, I love you but shame on you if you don't read these articles. They're telling us what's going to happen. They are who we think they are. It's not us. It's them. You ignore it at your own peril I know you want. You Very. SMART. Let me get to my second sponsor because we got a loaded show today on today's show also brought to you by our friends over at as low as low. We're always happy to have as long board. Welcome back a couple of weeks we've had an as low spot, but this is great. We love is.

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