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Pet cemetery trucking route in the middle of this fucking highway not only that it's like a ghost truck because you watch that scene. It's just like what l. truck. Come first and last self driving truck. They're like we're going to try it out. It's gonna be great. We're gonna cut the truckers throats financially ono killed a man woman or did it or or conversely or did it. I guess we'll find out notice aaron eckhart at the beginning of this movie for no the reason he's just sitting at the truck. Stop bar. Having coffee leaves immediately. He texted me like hey man. You want to get copies it. Yeah yeah sure you get your coffee and he's like oh fuck of mine a movie no and that's the thing i think they filmed him quitting. He was like oh wait. Fuck bucket this. It's two thousand six batman twos right around the corner but like he has the cop friend. The guy was like oh man this letter. Other seems messed up make that aaron eckhart as opposed to no one. I bet you'll still onto put him on the poster and aaron eckhart as there's diner patron. Come on air and just do it for me. Come on i got a disaster on my answer well. He was in that other abhorrent movie. Where in the man yeah your friends and neighbors good poster bad movie poster that movie look really important but it's not does does this movie count as good good poster bad mood posters awful. This looks like rob zombie album and similar to the thirteen ghosts remai- have reface remember that one onishi lou bennett he's writing tickets and this girl throws a doll out and he picks it up and he's like hey lady picks it up like mad max on the highway one arm off this. It's a risky he didn't need. Let me take my life into my own hands for litter but this is after he's picked up a tony tony robinson dave o'brien by a guy who looks like paul giamati shave says everything's okay a shaved off that beard i look like an anti and my own audiobook cover to love yourself first. You have to love yourself. I try to take my own fucking advice and the lady over and he's like hey you dropped this unlike the girls oh thanks and throws it out again and i know this girl is like three seconds away from exploding again. I think that that's wrong or is she. But is that bad. I don't know i just is what bad role exploding sheep might deserve it. This is two times in a row. I totally agree yeah. Throws it out the second time she's like. I threw it out for a fucking reason and the mother says they're moving living and it's like you're just being bad. Movers come on role that window. Yes like this. This little girl will be fucking terror at applebee's. You know what i mean. Oh <hes> we get stuck right next door to sorry. That's what waiters do pick it up. You know that kind of a thing and they are working for tips and then truck goes through the applebee's his ghost truck it hits them and he's like almost going to get them out and then it explodes and he becomes ghost writer and we'll you know something's up for a second because that doesn't even tried to get out of the car yeah. She's like three inches away from him and he's like you food and she's like to me now. Am i crazy. They appear at the end of the film during the wicker ringing and dude spoilers man moved moved saw the movie so it's just like how did they get outs are they. Are the magic yeah. David copperfield is part of the whole thing. There's a lot of mirrors yeah..

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