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Shriners children's hospital every year, we buy a quarter million dollars of toys for toys for tots, and we do this because that's where my heart. Feels our place of donation needs to be two children because you're adding value into people's live, which you didn't focus on the dollar, which we talk about this a lot, right? And it's so important for people to hear that because people focusing guilty, I focused on the dollar back in the day before I realized how am Bill Phillips said it best you share that. With me, Joel he said you want to know why you're successful. He said because you've added that much value to the world. Yeah. I remember you telling me that. And that's exactly what he's saying. There is some kind of financial karmic balanced that happens that when you just have the troop pure desire to add value to people's lives. And Joel you're one of the most generous people, I know, it's no coincidence that you're also one of the most financially well-to-do people. I know and I've learned that early on through my mentor that the more value, I can add the more problems. I can solve more generous. I can be the more money. I will have for experiences security and impact it's it's shifting your mentality. Around money from a place of scarcity to a place of abundance. Right. You have an abundance mentality now which. Coming from where you came from. And let's dive a little bit deeper into that story because come from governments. It's very understandable. How you would have those preconceived ideas about money when you were living in a communist country, and you were an immigrant. So talk about that initial phase maybe some of the things that when you first moved over to this country. What your life was like, and how when you started to grow up and get into business and stuff like that. And your mindset start to shift how the background of being an immigrant actually served you. And you turn a lot of those things that people would look at as, you know, things that had you starting a leg behind and you turn those into reasons why you're so successful. Now, you know, it's funny that you say that right? The things that happened to me back. Then I realized now happen for me now. And one of the great example is when we came to the United States, you don't leave. A communist country with all your money and possessions, like we had to leave everything behind. So imagine a family five two suitcases and we escape into Rome Italy because they're communist sympathizer is back in the eighties. And from Italy, we go into the American concert and my dances. Hey were immigrants from communist country. We want to go to the United States. We want to enter legally twelve days later where JFK and that night, we find to California because my dad said he never wants to see the snow or cold weather again. That's how I was like. Yeah. Right. So ultimately as you grow up in the United States, you don't speak English. You don't understand the culture? My dad had he was pumping gas..

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