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Look at it is like he is obsessed with the rank and he sees captain america as a rank and he expects that rank has rank rank demands respect from those without the rank. Because that's the chain of command. You get that the main fly. He's looking at it from the wrong perspective. That rank also brings responsibility. What is your responsibility to the people. You were enlisted to serve. What is he's not thinking from that perspective at all he simply thinking. Gimme gimme. Gimme gimme gimme. This is what i'm owed but what you got to put so is adams at a very base level of a person's thinking and their risks and how they make decisions i think he's got a bad batch of code in there. Yeah i think you're probably right up all right. So yeah so that poor guy who you always thought it was great captain america as a concept when you read the comic books and his grandpa far not season. You know you're talking about the flag smasher right. Yeah the flex. Because that's what he dies like. How much were you really a fan. How much were you a hulkamania. You're doing bad things out of you're not taking your vitamins not saying your prayers. I mean that's the that's the. That's the counter argument. But then again it goes to that basic misinterpretation of the superhero is the superhero the man who is selfless and gives or or is he. The man who punches the hardest and punches the people you want punched right and then says bring on the applause. Where's the applause yet. Exactly it's it's it is. It is ted db s versus hulk hogan if you're if you're if you're the hook maniac and you're fighting for the kids at home or you ted db s e the million dollar man by the belts rive andrei. Oh ruined my childhood. And that's my truth there if your childhood wasn't ruined during your actual childhood. I don't hear anything looney your childhood. Some of us were there. Man may was when they killed optimus prime. Oh yeah that was a bad one too one but you know what that was down a rough desk but you know he passes on the see i could. I could handle after his prime. Because hey man. That's the costs war. That is that is battle that his death and you know. The matrix of leadership had passed from person to person and much like sam. Wilson did not believe he truly was worthy of the matrix of leadership but optimus news and cap new And despite all of reticent sam you were the one that was supposed to take the matrix of leadership so there you go okay bradley in this episode right. No just mentioned just in passing as as next week. That's a whole other box. Maximum kinda to unpack so much any so we call her today. This a really good episode really deep episode. Some great they could episodes and it is. It is great that you know. I love even and that's the thing even if you wanna say oh you know there was another plot and there's some stuff that they had to fix impose gabri holds together. Yeah what is worth it. Yeah i think that much much like one division. I think there was a lot of stuff that got left out. Because of the situation where they really couldn't expand or explore and they were smart. They didn't try to force it in. They said no. We can't do it right so don't do it wrong just you what we can do right you know. And i think they're doing everything right. And and with the nature of the the mcu. It only leaves them doors that they can walk through some other time. It only leading threads that they can explore further so it only gives us more variables to play with exactly alright so i hope everyone enjoyed listening to this podcast. If you didn't enjoy listening to this podcast. It might not be mars. Who are giving you just one hundred percent quality entertainment. It might be that you're using poor-quality headphones and to that. I say go to tweet. 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