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Insurers a rocket-propelled grenade. Tomorrow off to the shoulder. I was discharged from the army, and I've been working with products since two thousand seven to be severely wounded a lot of guys have post traumatic stress disorder being able to share your story. Kind of helps you wrap your mind around. What did happen over there? My name is Laurie and yes, I do suffer from post myself. Don't suffer in silence, contact wounded warrior project dot org. So. Oklahoma's first news. Good morning from NewsRadio one thousand Kennedy. Okay. You know, our Elstein is the creator of the goosebumps series. Both the books and now the movie goosebumps, too, which is out on Blu Ray, tea and DVD with digital bonus features tomorrow morning is when it's officially released RL Stein is joining us now NewsRadio one thousand Katie. Okay. RL? What was the primary motivation for creating goosebumps in the first place. I think greed and stupidity. Oh, usually my main motivation. So there I was back. This is nineteen ninety two. And I was doing a series for teenagers. Scary series called fear street. We were killing off teenagers every book, and a my enders came to me and said, you know, no one has ever done a scary book series for seven to twelve year olds we should try one. And I said, no, I don't want to that's the kind of business. Goosebumps. Right. And then they talked me into it. And we, you know. Luckily, no one ever listens to me. And we brought out a few and they just took off. It was some kind of weird crazy miracle. Well, I I wanna say you are responsible for getting young men to read a long before you know, any any Harry Potter author came along. Yes. Well, ninety two I you know, it's been twenty six years of goosebumps. And I'm very proud when we started writing these books, we figured girls would read them. We never really figured boys. The the ruins children's publishing was girls. Read and boys. Don't. Yeah. And then when goosebumps came out the fan mail started coming in and it was fifty percent from boys we had boys and girls. So I'm very proud of that very proud of all the all the kids that we, you know, the main point of goosebumps visit to terrify kids, get them to read. Well, and you do it with compelling stories that they can relate to how do you do that? I that's my basic mental level. Here's. Well, I mean, I this is we're talking to RL Stein, the creator of goosebumps, and we're also celebrating goosebumps to on Blu Ray, tea and DVD which is out now with bonus features, and it's really come a long long way. But you kind of missed my generation, but I remember being that boy who didn't wanna read I wanted to do. And it wasn't until I got older maybe beyond the goosebumps age that I I really started embracing the joy of reading, and I wish that I had had something like like goosebumps in my day. Well, we were lucky we got up. We got the nineties kids. I love the ninety s we just captured that ninety generation really great thing. Well in goosebumps to can you give us what it's all about. What can we expect to see? And is it good for the whole family? Yeah. Basically, it is a lot of my early readers like in their thirties. Now right neighboring their kids. So we get the thirty five year olds. And we get the seven year olds we have to audiences for the film. So the film really is for the whole family, and it's about mainly sloppy. The dummy comes to life, and then brings all of Halloween to life all the pumpkins. Jack lanterns all the costumes in the store all the witch costumes that ghosts brings everything to life and terrorizing a town in these three kids have to find a way to stop sloppy RL Stein is with us and. I hope it doesn't offend our local hero Darcy Lynn who just won the America's got talent for being a ventriloquist. I don't know. I some people. I don't know why. I don't really get it. Ventriloquist's? Dummies just scary. Just funny. People are terrified by I get so much mail saying, oh, I'm terrified of dolls. Now. I'm terrified of dummy. Our our kids that you're writing too with goosebumps series RL Stein is with us on NewsRadio one thousand Katie. Okay. Are they are they better critics than than those who are in the adult world. Or are they worse? Critics. They're very good. Chris very honest. Okay. Here's a letter. I got last week from girl. Okay. Dear RL Stein. You're my second favorite author. That was the whole letter. That was it. Right, there, brutally honest goosebumps to on DVD and Blu Ray, it is out now on NewsRadio one thousand T. Okay. You and I share something in common in that. You are terrified by some of the childhood stories that should have been enchanting. I too was terrified by Pinocchio. And the the other one that really got me was wizard of Oz. I also go to a psychiatrist after seeing wizard of Oz. Would I liked that wouldn't bother me? Nokia was terrifying. Boys turning into donkeys. That was awful. Yeah. That's horrible. And you know, there's that one scene in the original Pinocchio where he's a wooden puppet any falls asleep with his feet on the stove. And he burns his feet off. Yeah. I think my mother read that to me when I was like three or four years old. Terrified. But do you think that's my horror career? I think I was gonna say did that inspire you to? Yeah. RL Stein is with us. He's a delight. And so is the goosebumps series. And again, if you're if you're if you had a mom like minded always trying to get us to read always trying and I'm I'm thankful. She did. Because if I wasn't a very good reader. I wouldn't be a very good radio guy RL Stein. Well, I think that's true. I I was a comic book freak when I was a kid. I didn't read books I stack of comic books that I read and I didn't really read until my mom drop me off at our local library and a librarian greeted me at the door. And she said, Bobby. I know you like comic books. I have something else. You might like. And she took me over to a shelf of Ray Bradbury story. Oh, and I read those I couldn't believe how wonderful. They were so creative in a magic all twist endings. And Ray Bradbury..

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