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Don liberal card. I watched the gay man. I watched the game. Don't do one of these things that you didn't watch the game, and you're gonna make me feel stupid about what I just said. I watched the game. I saw it with my own two eyes stugatz. I saw the game too. Damn, this is on Libertad show with Stu gods on ESPN radio. Not where I expected to end up today, but let's go ahead and examine it since we don't know anything about football. We don't know what a catch is. Philadelphia Eagles welcomed referees into their locker room. Nobody seems to know what a tackle is legal tackle is anymore. This is the question I want to ask you in the audience. What is Eric. Because I saw him be great once and I thought to myself maybe maybe that is a receiver that can be special. Can we get some of the history of Eric decker around here where he was drafted? What is your assessment of Eric Deckers gods? He played for your football team. I believe he signed a big contract in order to play for your football team. Didn't Eric decker cash in he did. Yeah. He gashed in. He had one hundred and thirty one. I'm sorry. Two hundred thirty. One targets eighty catches over thousand yards and twelve touchdowns for the jet. So he did have you know, two productive seasons for the jets. What is every decker? I mean handsome, I'll start there. I mean a handsome devil. Eric decker had a good career for where he was shafter. He's drafted in the third round of good early start to his career when he was younger dudes thirty one years old. Now is production dropped off as he's played with the worst teams. But also as he's gotten older, normal. The natural progression of NFL player. Okay. But is it age or is it injury? Right? Because thirty one by what? What definitions? Thirty. One old at at Dan running back. That's old is older receivers. You saw what happened with Jordan? Jordy Nelson? I know I have heard first of all, I don't know how good any of those Packers receivers are none of them, but I I've always heard thirty years old is a Mark for running backs. I have not heard that for receivers, especially when you got Jerry Rice still running around out there forty even though he's obviously an outline. I mean, guys, I'll say this. He had the one year with the injury as last year with the jets for the most part, he's been. He's been healthy. I mean, he's played fourteen fifteen sixteen games every single year of his career with the exception of one thousand yard season, and then he got hurt and at his age, it's tougher thing to come back from the sport that he plays and the position that he plays in. You make it to thirty one in that league. Clap it up. I would say he's overachieved. But the next step I want to go on this is examining your update, which is, of course the patriots brought him in because they don't think thirty ones too old, and he is a disciplined route runner. And my guess is that if Eric decker wants a fountain of youth, you could get it over there either with Brady or with that doctor who's not a doctor either way. You can get some help over there if you're decker and you're feeling your mortality and your body's betraying you and your thirty one years old that is exactly the kind of signing that makes sense for the patriots. It seems as though it might just be a body in camp because they've had a lot of injuries at that position. He was allegedly healthy last year. He played sixteen games and his production dropped off. Begging. Eric decker is a guy that almost just miss out on four consecutive years of thousand yard seasons with two different teams. What can you help me then? Can you because the reason I said that was that for here period I was of the impression. Okay. Is Eric decker going to be someone who's an above average receiver, and I didn't expect all of that to expire in a way..

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