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Us are going to be closed this afternoon so employees can go through training on how to deal with racial bias this crash course comes after that now infamous incident when a barista call the police onto black men were walked out in handcuffs since then more examples have emerged where white people are calling the police on people of color mostly african americans when there's little to no reason to do so here's npr's leila fadel it starts with the nine one one call at an airbnb i'm at one of my neighbors are watching outlets luggage at a university campus sarah to young men that joined us is just really odd at a starbucks hi i have two gentlemen of my cafe refusing to make a purchase on these targets of these calls were people of color most often black who ultimately were living their everyday lives in some cases the caller and law enforcement denied they had anything to do with race but for many observers especially people of color it was about race they say a flurry of examples over the last couple months are part of a systemic problem of people abusing the nine one one system to police racial lines take former white house staffer darin martin he's moving into his new apartment in new york city earlier this month when police show up in response to a report of an armed robbery those hurt i did feel unwelcome at a points unsafe because i know that there are folks here who were suspect of me what he wasn't was surprised he knew without his business suit on some of his new white neighbors might deem him suspicious even with a u haul and clearly marked moving boxes no matter how early i get up in the morning to leave and my suit or how late i come back in my suit when i take that pseudo off i still wear.

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