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And I wanted to see what you think is the most likely because this is a team that does not do the splashy things especially on drafted that a lot of other teams do so we basically had four four scenarios. There's trade up in the first round trade away. John Ross for picks trade four Josh Rosen or draft a quarterback in the first round if you were to pick one of those as the most likely scenario, which one would you pick? Trey John Ross, really. Yeah. Okay. I don't I don't agree with it. But I think if we're talking most likely it's I would say probably Ross and draft the QB that they're not going to trade up. And I don't think they're going to trade frozen are well, Cody, we're we're gonna get you out of here, man. We appreciate the time. I know I mentioned a couple times on your on Twitter at Koci enjoy the draft weekend, my friend any quick predictions for what they do at number eleven. Devon, Buscher Jona Williams whoever's there. Okay. All right. We'll take care of that little guy prospects can't lead us. Yeah. That's right. That's right. Take care of that little one, man. We'll we'll get you back on the show soon. Pre she at the time. But I see it. Are those Cody to tie on Twitter, and he's got to go ten to a a sick child right now. So he was he was yes. And then he was maybe then he was yes. Against that. We appreciate his time coming on the show again. This is the orange black insider Bengals podcast. He's John barren. I'm Anthony Kazan's a were rolling through this episode with some of our favorite Bengals people in some of your favorite Bengals people. You can get this show on itunes on Stitcher on Spotify on Google play. You can get it on the megaphone platform as well as YouTube and since he jungled dot com..

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