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Mention curbside for fifteen percent off your next service your next update at eleven twenty eight on the traffic leader Casey B. we have warmer weather on the way let's get a look right now it's the six day forecast with Darren pack in the KPIX five weather center well you can forget may gray at least for the first part of this week it was sunshine Monday bay area wide we're gonna do that again on Tuesday and the temperatures are going to stay pretty much in the neighborhood of average for these first two days of the week meaning we'll do low eighties for inland highs and will come up to the low to mid seventies for much of the bag by Wednesday the temperatures are gonna start climbing and the real headline in the six day forecast is the warm up in time for Thursday and Friday daytime highs getting up in the low and mid nineties if you're inland and will be in the low eighties for many areas right in the immediate bag that will bring the temperatures back down again for the weekend still staying warm but the the two warmest days are going to be Thursday and Friday will even hit seventy at the beaches I'm meteorologist Aaron Peck with your KPIX five KCBS forecast right now it's seventy two in Pleasanton San Jose has sixty seven San Francisco sixty three traffic and weather together on the aids on all news one of six nine and am seven forty KCBS KCBS news time eleven twenty one these officers firefighters mayor is another essential workers are offering a hearty thank you this morning to health care workers in San Matteo KCBS is Tim Reid reports from the San Matteo county health Medical Center.

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