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Delphine have mariotti mad if musical which was like what is what could i ask her saying. What okay but they were claiming santos escobar was claiming that this is the best music and does. I haven't heard this take. And i'm not anti mariachi. Don't come to new listeners. But i'm just wondering. I haven't heard this take before about the best music in the world. Did he show with being like oh. This is a factual fingered. He's this is the best music and people i can say. Oh kanye west. Jay z best music in the world. But you can say. Nah you know what i mean. Big sean is up there. Yes he'll kind of like he was two seconds away from saying. Like iraq is sucked. You know what i'm saying. He was that line was like stared at it. He got across that but he's basically like mariachi. Music is the best music and he was about to let them play. And then y'all don't deserve ever and So yeah so and then we get so santos escobar and isaiah source scott. Which i love it. I wanna play here. W is bringing up the pass a lot more. I think matt pointed out on one of our podcast last week. But they're really referencing. The past and and i forgot because santos escobar and isaiah swerve. Scott have just recently fought over the cruiserweight title when Jose escobar had the cruiserweight title and a few months ago so When hit row when hit row confronted him last week. It was. Because i was like. Oh you need a little crew to help you. Keep that cruiserweight championship. He's like well now. I got a crew. And i got a championship and he wanted to. He wanted to resume some hostilities. So i love this llegado. I'm a big fan of llegado. Del fantasma hit row coming out in. Just unlike okay. At first i was like this is the promo away. It's a freestyle. Okay all right. It's okay like either way. Although i'm good. I'm good with this. they were. They were so funny Santos escobar look like he's about to hit sort of with the tar and briana. It going on brianna brandy because that's real babb yet. Took the guitar from him before he could just great So let's go with loved everything about this. Now what did you think. I love everything about this too. I feel like the i mean. It's the pro wrestling of it all that. Someone's about it. We're else but the guitar and just happens to back into someone else who's grabbing guitar and stealing. I liked the moment. Like i always love a good guitar. Shot and rob really reminds me of like jeff jarrett who in the late nineties late night with the guitar shots especially jeff jarrett shot..

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