Dan Shaughnessy, Boston, Sports Fan discussed on Recode Media with Peter Kafka - Sports have always been political (Jason Gay, columnist, Wall Street Journal)


A paper of rockstars' the big rockstars' in the paper the sports writers there are a you know well mcdonough attack an mollin bob ryan dan shaughnessy and so on me are all more heavyweight boston sports was bad but the sports reading was great it was just loud and chaotic and heartbreaking and those are all just unbelievably great things to have happened actually when a go back home my mom is still back in boston i don't recognize the town anymore you know these kids who have like tendinitis from waving their arms at so many championship parades i don't even recognize that whole world i mean to me boston sports was about you know using your heart cut out and stomped on so but anyway it was really really a fertile environment to be a sports fan and especially a someone who like newspapers now is one of those weirdos who like this was delivered it i read it in the morning this is a true thing peter my father who has a science teacher actually got to the point where he's frustrated by my over obsession with sports and so in the morning when the paper would come he would yank out the sports page and put it over the fridge where i couldn't reach it and denied me the ability to look at into had brad like the metro region section in the business and so on so in the great tradition of becoming what your parents specifically what your parents don't want you to become that's how i think i look at i now in this business yeah exactly late didn't you could wisconsin i did i want to wisconsin i know it's greater right but they weren't really.

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