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And the week before she passed away she was an immediate averted that for the hospital in china talent people said she was cracking jokes that she was have a great time explained everybody outside san francisco who rose pack you know spat was roast that didn't like to be called a power broker but let's just go ahead and said she was a power brokers she was that she was it can pan in china town and what she could do is deliver she could deliver votes she to deliver influence and she she was so far ahead of everybody else he was just to see which former chronicle reporter and then became a community activist she worked very hard to get this hospital in china town bell she was also engaged in some possibly shady little deals politically game can taught me a story when time about this this plan that rose had rose invited heard of this restaurant when they sit down and talk to jayne was supposed to put her name into the president of the board of supervisors but she wasn't supposed to tell anybody and the entire thing turned out to be this elaborate staying were jane would've been boarded buses were supervisors but it would've led to the person that rose were to be present what it was was like three dimensional chess who was so far ahead of what everybody else was doing it didn't work as it happened but that was rose packing that was a and she was also famously profane when or how many f bombs we've heard during lunch but she goes to this restaurant with and and as i said food just began to appear we didn't really order so much as just food just our role in it and i've got my chop sticks out i amend mecca nefertiti not that good added but i like it you know high i understand when rome and she picks up a fork and i thought this is great so i took i've but with a four and we talked for down a half as she told just one his story after know it was larry i would say one thing though she got no way but waterfront with happy as it is today that's exactly right she did not want the bucket of freeway torn down and she mounted an enormous campaign against it she brought she close down china township out of rest thousand people to city hall to protested or idea was that this could hurt commerce in china town and that was her focus was china.

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