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Okay Shannon I know you all want to talk about the fifty fifty idol like the bird in the tree. I pooh-poohed it when it first came into existence. But now I'm happy that it's in the game because we get to talk about it and it definitely helped move the action this week so Shannon. Okay how what does the fifty fifty idle have to do with Saraceno? Seattle was everything. This week likes. I'd even kept saying on. Notables like something spooked already and he changed the It was like Impetus I mean. What would scooby anyone bass a terrible? It was important taped from this. Is that Bassett terrible? But what would happen? Was Jeremy told Tony. About fifty fifty idle. And that was the impetus in Thailand tribal. I think that's the change from seven to avoid. Jeremy was going to be flipping that coin to five to three but could have been sixty two. Michelle was clued in. I think it was all because if the advantage so the first thing I wanted to get into. Why is convinced that this is the best modern invention of survivor? Okay I UPSET. I am all ears. This is the running theme. I also who the idol wasn't into it. I felt like it added too much randomness to the game which felt very unfunded on satisfy then had my brother Jason unsurvivable. I cars are going to check out the podcast about forty five minutes in. He convinces me. This is great and ever since then. I've thought more about it. I love it more and more so for me. Reasons why the advantages so cool firstly amazing nickname to face. Idle Schrodinger coin is a favourite. You call anything so I like also the trophy coin. Encouraged face item places with Batman. Thing as well yes right. Yeah exactly all Batman TV Anti Seasons Batman Fisher so eating cards people to tell about their advantage which makes interesting when they're spoken about rather than just being whipped out. Habby exciting Kelly went with an can be exciting. But I think it's getting a little old. I'd rather see people strategize around their advantages and this advantage. You have a fifty fifty percent chance you do nothing with it but if you talk about it you elevate your odds and I think that if we start looking at it like it's not random it's not fifty fifty you can create your own off. You'RE GONNA start to love it like I do so one thing I love about. This advantage is it allows opponents to come together for mutual benefit. I think Jeremy should have done in this in this episode. You know if you if the majority don't have the power to split than all the boats coming to someone like Jeremy Wright and I do think it would have been seven one. He needs to go to Ben and he does go to Ben but he needs to say look. I have this point and if you vote me fifty percent chance I will go on so I don't want it to come down to the coin but it happens and willing to go there but fifty percent chance not only immune but my vote will decide to go on. That could be. That could be your ally. Neither of US wanted to go to the coin so now they have a mutual goal to enemies are going to go to To Person Rock road. No one wants that so we didn't cartoon people on either side of the spectrum to come together to find a stood auction to make sure that the coin doesn't decide their fate because good playoffs. You'd want a fifty percent chance of an advantage deciding the fate in the game and this only cool things about it but I just think that the fact that it can bring people who shouldn't work together together under the mutual benefit and there's mutual thing today should they want to gain from it if such a cool thing and something that other idols. When you have an idol usually you have all the power you hold all the cards but if you have a fake. Heidel you hold none of the college. The toothpaste idol is both things fagin. Hof Real and it has this really equal power dynamic. That is so rare to find viable. So the power of the fifty fifty idol is in the news that you have it So like keeping it. A secret is on not especially powerful but it sort of has the same effect as The idea that we're going to not go to rocks at like for twenty two seasons players didn't go rocks because it was so unpalatable for anybody to rocks and then it happens in blood versus water. And then they make a big deal about it like Now that's how you play survivor. And then it seemed like that for people it was kind of cool to go to rocks and sort of red thing to do and most of the time. Unless it's a lot you don't WanNa go to rock and you certainly don't want to go to a two person. Rock'n'roll between two enemies we're voting which would raise voting. For what point does I think that the rock was like yes? It will get your heart racing towards people put their hand in the bag but the most interesting about it for me is like watching the strategy around people IGA getting out of rocks all getting to rock words that last resort like Jeremy goes to bed and I was like I have this coin. I'm going somewhere on your side. You'll voting me. Let's not do this bannon like let's have fake come down to a coin. Let's work together. Let's vote out someone else and Ben like screw. You don't want to do the coin. Yeah and one of them goes through and because of that. That's really interesting to me like it's interesting because this meaning behind it in it's not like the meaningless random thing and I think there's just so much potential here for people working together shoot and work together because it brings people opposite sides of the aisle together under a mutual benefit. Okay now Jeremy. Tells Tony and tell me if at tribal council he says the thing that I have. It's a coin right. Is that what he says? It's a fifty fifty me exactly what it is tribal council. And that's when Tony immediately turns to Ben and tries to get bent chain vote so I think what happened at the tribal council is before all the tribal council. Jeremy Tony that had something so at that point twenty things. Jeremy can save himself. He's only goal at that. Point is to make sure the Jeremy Dozen vote to Sarah who's vulnerable. You must make sure that she that. Kim. That's why when Tony I used voting the same way. That's his main priority. Jeremy Safe with something. Just make sure it doesn't bounce back on my allies then finds out. It's a coin now. Tony has to change the vote. Any does why does he have to change the because it has a fifty percent chance scoring Jeremy which she doesn't want or fifty percent China's Only be immune but will decide who goes which could be Sarah. That's not good news Tony so joining us to use this disparate power. The advantage like these two opposite extreme and obviously his middle position to get his intended target out which is came anyway like now even more necessary that he does and because it's so descript advantage he can go to Jeremy with leverage. And say you know you have to book became. I will help you out but like you have to do what I'm saying. If Jeremy has an idol that he can fully protect yourself. You can do what he wants because he fifty percent vulnerable. He has to listen to twenty two degrees but Tony Of his allies but he can also use the threat to his allies to get them to do what he wants his. Well like when you go around saying Sarah could be in trouble. That could be genuine. Anyone could be in trouble. Could send any person who with his technically if he does land on the right side of the coin and he gets so I think he uses both of these things and that kind of mutual fear yes generally could go home but also Jeremy could send someone who unless we work around. They would rather send Jeremy. Who in Germany would probably rather than been or Sarah whom than came but neither of them get their first preference but they both do was sure that it won't go down to the point that they'll be safe by going around. The coin devout came acting. Tony uses that really brilliantly. Do you think that Tony even bothers to tell people like Ben or nick that it's a or does he just say that Germany has an idol? We can't go for him tonight. I think the thing was saying. Someone has an idol. Is that people bluff all the time and if someone tells you they have an idol someone tells you someone else has an idol triable especially Tony. Who's been trying to get? Ben Devotes Cam. You might be like multiple off that you don't WanNa play tonight or at stake but with the fifty fifty coin is also really powerful because a deep how the bluff. Because you act the same way if you're gonNA play it or not like you don't know Jeremy's GonNa play because either way he desperate because either way you've at least fifty percent vulnerable so I think the coin. I think going to someone like Nick and explaining that he's quite a cerebral player and explaining the coin. I think nick would pick up. That's a very pressing threat. I do WanNa if he told people that always just kind of leaning on quite a genuine fear that Sarah could be in trouble. Nick could be in trouble. Anyone could be in trouble. If Jeremy is deciding void. I don't know if he told people specifically I could see it and I just leaning on this year but I think that if I were hearing about this coin if you would think about it and have that time you could be like. This is bad news. No one wants to come down to a coin and it's not just Jeremy's fake coming down to the coin it's also whoever votes for which could be any of you. That's terrifying going. Allow the coin to decide. Yo Game. I'M GONNA continue to ask you questions as if you are the person that has the answer key and knows all the information. Okay they have. I have I convinced you. Did this. Really Cool Yeah. I am much more on board than I was say. Three weeks ago that I started to like head in this direction. A little bit coming into this week's episode. But you definitely have made more of a believer out of me. When Jeremy is going to talk to denise what does Jeremy Want to tell denise? Is Jeremy Considering Betraying Tony? Or is that more part of the chicanery. I felt so media conversations with fake. That's like I said like cume and Jeremy felt like such a fake combs Asian to me that I don't know if he was going to say something real I can't imagine what he would have had to stay to denise and I feel like it was most like Jeremy wasn't really having any fruitful conversations to the other than telling Tony about the advantage and Tony was making things work. I think Tony Schedule Dan into doing what he wanted. I think Sarah was on more than was on board after ready. Forwards for Kim. I think nick was also get the advantage. And A or just kind of realized they had four five with Michelle reboot and just went with the majority. So Nick I was scared of the rock draw from what I understand.

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