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An upward revision to last month's jobs data as well So again folks kind of getting back into this labor economy All right right now let's head down to Washington D.C. or 99 one studios get world in national news with Nathan Hager All right thanks Paul the world is reacting in shock to Russia's attack overnight on Europe's largest nuclear plant in southeastern Ukraine NATO secretary general Jan Stoltenberg is warning of more death and destruction in the days to come war is dangerous And to have military operations conflict fighting going around the nuclear power plant adds to the danger And this just makes it even more important that president Putin and his war NATO's Jan Stoltenberg in Brussels deputy treasury secretary Wally adeyemo says sanctions will go up as Russia escalates the war He says existing penalties are already crippling the Russian economy Because of the sanctions we've put on inflation is likely north of 20% Russian markets have been shut down for days and just earlier they announced they're going to shut them down for more days which is the longest shutdown they've had since at least 1998 when they defaulted on their debt As for Russia's energy sector secretary game hotels Bloomberg surveillance immediate sanctions there would raise oil and gas prices even further and go into Vladimir Putin's pocket The Biden administration is looking at ways to punish Russia through the World Trade Organization Deputy U.S. trade representative Jamie white tells Bloomberg They're working with Congress on legislative actions The European Union has said it's looking to revoke Russia's most favored nation status at WTO A powerful bomb blast stripped through a Shiite mosque in Peshawar Pakistan today police say at least 56 Friday worshippers were killed dozens more wounded The death penalty is back in effect for Boston Marathon bomber joke art Tsarnaev the Supreme Court ruled he was not deprived of a fair trial when the judge withheld evidence of a prior crime and limited questioning to jurors about pretrial coverage Global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quicktake powered by more than 2700 journalists.

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