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Timely. Scylla. Sarah Fox News President. Trump wants schools to go back to in person learning this fall, President Trump is threatening to cut off funding for schools that do not reopen after summer break. White House press secretary Kelly McEnaney since the president wants education funding tied the students, not districts that may not reopen. These schools are essential and I think he stands on the side of parents across this country who want to see their kids back in school who want to see make sure that their kids don't find fall behind in education. McEnaney also says the White House did not pressure the CDC to revise guidelines for how schools can safely reopen. President Trump on Twitter complained the CDC guidelines are very tough and expensive. In Washington, Jared Halpern Fox knew Dallas school superintendent Michael in a host, says his district is ready. We have gone to great lengths to have mass have shields have Plexi glass in the classrooms. To separate the students, and so we are starting school on August 17th. Over 9600 people in Texas are hospitalized with virus record high for the 10th day in a row, according to the State Health Department. The nation's largest school system. NEWYORK CITY With plans to re open this fall there, build blond Seo says it will be done with blended learning blended. Learning simply means as some points in a week. You're learning in person in the classroom at other points in a week, you're learning remotely and we all know remote learning is not perfect, but we've also seen a lot of kids benefit greatly from it. During these last months, there are over one million Children in public school in New York City. Blasio's of the upcoming year has to be the greatest school year in New York City history. On Wall Street, all major indexes ending today higher the Dow added 1 77 NASDAQ plus 1 40 atheism P gained 24 Americans.

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