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The city school district from continuing to distribution on a plan for distributing computers and devices to self later this week now and I did have conversation with the superintendent last week about this very thing nothing has order would prohibit that those activities I should say I would date him order going to be on board with that people that are on the house living outside we're doing everything we can and I'm glad bread officiers here come on up red eye she comes up she and her team alright holes have been working around the clock to secure course shelter capacity respite care and alternative housing for are people experiencing homelessness and I'll ask her to update us thanks for the question our purpose is the same as it has always been whenever we have contact with people without housing it's in order to get them connected to services and housing in those resources and so we'll continue to encourage folks to have those resources at this time to reiterate our strategy overall is to support our excess our existing shelters to set up supplemental shelters that allow for greater social distance scene and then to also have respite rooms I want to thank the community our office has gotten a lot of enquiries today even about motels hotels that are willing to step up and work with us on how we can have respite room so thank you to that ongoing response the Bob more with the liquor store yes you other states have decided that liquor stores are essential they're keeping them open as far as I understand you're closing tomorrow at five PM why making it and not wide why is this different from New York City for instance I'm not white why does different from New York City print them but we do not have them listed as essential George Joe and I just checked rather I believe that's the be the yes it is the case from the city attorney's office you know as much as I might think it's essential for me is not essential for further for everyone but it is I I don't mean to be in just with that but the reality is is that is that we do not see it as a central service this is a bit tonight would be the opportunity for you to go grab supply if you need to resupply.

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