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Did its 50th Matt, Dead Man is on the ones and twos at the Taj Mahal. And that was John Harbaugh, head coach of The Baltimore Ravens, and I'm thinking they were talking about Ben Mason. Basically, so, yeah, talking about Talking about what? How he how he will fit in at the Ravens, and I think I can get I mean, he's gonna be blocked his butt off. He's gonna be knocking people into the dirt, and he'll be leading Lamarr Woodley as well as the other running backs. In in in that system, and congratulations to Ben Mason on being drafted by the Baltimore Ravens. You're listening to the end zone. 734 1918 50 phone lines are open and what we're talking about. Didn't draft go. For your team, your favorite team. If it's Detroit Lions, I already gave that team in a bikini. Uh, since we had John Hardball, and I'll tell you what I got. I got Baltimore. I gave them an A and what they were trying to do. They did. They did go out there and they did something nice. They did something good. I think. 7349 and 18 50. Let's go to the phones. Let's go now. Hurley in the Grand Canyon. What's up, Harley? Oh, guys. Hope we had a good weekend and enjoying the draft. Did you guys watch all three days? Yes, yeah. Yes. Oh, you guys are devoted well course you're in sports you do with sports shows like I can understand that I turned it off after the first round, and that was it. I'll just catch up on Twitter and everything else to find out who got one but also in regards to drafted you guys. Put your arm between NFL network ESPN and ABC or just stick to one channel. I was we'd watch all 300 round. You know one thing. Hadley is that You had the Tigers were playing the Yankees, and then you had the draft going on. And then you had the Kentucky Derby that was going to go off a little bit before seven o'clock, But amidst all of that, that was going on with the draft. He had the room are the I guess they're rumors about Aaron Rodgers want not a green bay So now in between the picks they're talking about, you know? There's a 95% chance that he's gone and all those guys are weighing in and like, so it went from Yeah, He's a little disgruntled, too. He's wants out threw away. The Raiders are going to send three draft picks and Darren Waller and And David and car Yes to Green Bay. So Yeah. I mean, it was pretty electric Saturday. Even though you're getting into those rounds, 456 and you know the lions were done after they moved up and everything. All right. So did you guys pretty much evenly watch all three channels in I work mostly from ESPN, but I flipped around to see him all I like. I like Rich Eisen running the show. I think he does a great job when it comes down to that. Watch them every day. I watched all the game day, guys see what they had to say. They're familiar with the kids more. I listened to mail. And Todd Todd, Todd Todd and Listen to that. So Other than that, and then rich Eisen love Rich Eisen. So had check out my God. Average eyes. And if I could get the NFL network I definitely could have watched gonna watch that, too. But I know you guys don't really Decide who does best job in your opinion between those three channels. Who do you think this the most complete job on the draft, but depends on here. ESPN in my in my judgment was ESPN. They knew a lot more about the players. They broke down. You had Mel and Todd going after one another. Um, like, uh, actually better than now, And I like really blue. Sprint doesn't really get in the way I run beings with Daniel Jeremiah. I would take the NFL network over all of them. Just like the the what? Well, ESPN has been been doing it for years. So I look forward to that. I did miss. I did Miss Christa Boomer myself. I did miss him. I wanted him to come on. Make it make a guest guest free. Um Interest, but he didn't but that's okay. But I stay with ESPN mostly. But I did go Tol. I did go to go see the game day set up, which was Desmond. And what wasn't listening. I can think of Herb Street and, uh and then they had over over under. On the other side. They had Jesse Palmer and Scot Pollard, too. All right. And then when you guys are watching the draft and stuff, and this came up during on Twitter, too, But don't you think with team that gets the very first pick, you know, with all the hoopla and everything, Of course, the thing didn't get really started to about 15 20 after the hour and then on top of that they give the first team 10 minutes to make a decision. They've already made their decision. I think what should happen is that do the popping circumstance for 5 10 minutes and then get the commission on say, sewn. So you're on the clock. You're going that thing. You know that first pick and everything wasn't done. Thomas. 30. Ridiculous. What do you guys think? Yeah, well, one thing Hadley is is that you go through all of sports and games should start right at the top of the hour. They shouldn't put so many commercials in there, but everybody's trying to get paid. Everybody knows that. They get great ratings in there, So I wanna soak that thing. But I would think you know to your point here. The thing didn't get over to close to midnight. If he spent it up a little bit. You could have got it. You know, closer to 11 o'clock, which I thank you, and I had a lot more eyeballs on it. So you know, using the 10 minutes I thought the lion should have used their full allotment of time in case somebody called up and wanted to give him a godfather. Type situation, you know, given three number ones to move up there if there was a small complain about them, But yeah, those things do you know that happens. You know you get in you watching NBA game just started a clock to get in. It's not starting till 10 after you like, what the heck? So I don't think the first pick came off. So 23. After which was way too long to your point. It was supposed to go at 12. It was supposed to go off it at eight o'clock, but they also had to put in the Cleveland flavor, which that's where the right Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Woz, so they wanted to make sure the band's got representative and everything like that. So they gave themselves 20 minutes trying to start trying to start things. I agree, Hadley. They could do away with it. They should have that the first round night over by 11. O'clock is dinner, said. I agree with that fully and if it's the first pick everybody knows who the first pick is gonna be so they should start when they start. They should say. Commissioner should announce who the first round pick is not 10 minutes. You got it right now. Give it to me so I could tell everybody and we get this thing Get this party started right?.

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