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The us navy releasing a statement saying the bodies of sapping missing sailors have been found aboard the uss fitzgerald confirming they were found in the ship's compartments the navy destroyer cole lie why did with a seven hundred foot cargoship about sixty miles southwest of japan had since been towed back to port and attack in afghanistan targeting us forces fox's luke click lucas tomlinson is at the pentagon seven us army soldiers were wounded when afghan soldier opened fire on them at a base in northern afghanistan what the milk trade causing insider attack from afghan forces that are supposed to be our friends and this comes as eighty four hundred us troops are in afghanistan that are training some of the afghan forces and comes as the pentagon ways decision to send up to four thousand more american troops tasked ghanistan to help roll back taliban gained three era eric heintz were killed last week when an afghan soldier opened fire bill cosby's team is celebrating with the cosby power with bay it's bad in memories door looks mantra why it after a jury declares ms trial in the comedian sexual assault case in suburban philadelphia but the embattled seventy nine year old may not be in the freeing clear fox's grenell's scott said mr carney gloria allred said she represents thirty three women who claimed bill cosby use drug cbs and alcoholism means to molest them in this trial one accuser other than andrea constand told her story allred says this has to change the brink hosby to justice the allow more half he might make idea now the march early celebrate prosecutors are vowing to retry the case fox news.

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