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I 15 south down a point of the mountain, the left lane and shoulder or blocked and it's backing toward Bluffdale there. Like I said, Send me traffic. If you see it, 33986 Here's boner candidate number three underpants. Bible. And Abou a. Summerfield, Florida man who allegedly Hit a Marion County sheriff's deputy with a Bible. And then defecated on himself with jail Tuesday after telling deputies that God told him To enter a neighbor's residents. And free his juvenile daughter. Robert Otis Hoskins. Was taken into custody. Shortly after deputies responded to the residence. The victim told deputies that He had refused to lend Mr Hoskins some clothing. Before leaving his home, and when he returned, his door had been kicked in, he said. Mr Hoskins had come over to his house and quote said, I Nathan. I eft up, man. I was mad. The victim said he took Hoskins statement as an admission of guilt in burglarizing his residence. So he called law enforcement for help. Deputies arrived a short time later, and when they attempted to speak with Mr Hoskins, he approached them wearing only his underpants. And and he hit the deputy with a Bible that he was holding. And then he Soil himself. Victim's wife told deputies. I don't think that's the fifth. Oh, those guy whose house was broken into that $50 worth of clothing, two pairs of gray shorts and a red shirt we're missing. You know, you could just keep him Keepem. That's got good. I don't keep those, Mr Hoskins said. I tried to free his daughter. And then he stared back blankly at the wall, and they arrested him. He's been placed under arrest and transported to a hospital facility because they believe he maybe not all there. Boehner, candidate number three Underpants, a Bible and a boo boo. Let's review the first two and vote number one. I will never watch Dennis Quaid again. It's what one person said after finding out that Dennis Quaid is actually a trump supporter and was in a PSA about covert 19 trying to make it look as though the administration Has handled the outbreak extremely well. Boner candidate number two, This will go well. The governor of Florida, saying Open up. The bar is open up the restaurants and just wolf. We're fine. Do it. I don't think it's going to go. Well, no and boner candidate number three underpants, a Bible and a boo boo. Okay, this's round to your boner voting. You've got to decide of these three candidates, which one is the worst, which one deserves to go forward to Boehner fight and possibly become boner of the day. As you see if it wins here. It's not boner of the day. Yet it's the winner of Round two. It'll go up against the winner of round ones Voting we did that an hour ago will take the winner of each round and put them against each other. And boner fight happens at 9 20 this morning. That's when you'll decide boner of the day for today. Right now you're picking your champion for round two. Here we go. 12 or three. Remember your candidate number. One that you think should win. But that number that single digit is all we need in the message of a text and text that to 33986. You can call the Producers booth and just use your voice. 877629696 vote that way. Go online next 96 dot com. Look for the box that says Boner voting September 28 2020 and vote There you have until the end of these messages to do so. This is round two. Carrie, Bill and Gina, Run out of things to bitch about we give you a one hour non stop music wingding at 10 am on X 96. How is this for a giant Stockton? 12 Honda offer too nutty opportunity. Yeah, it's an offer opportunity opportunity who I want to try New Honda and enthusiast noticed, anyway, Here's the opportunity to get a Honda Civic a quarter CR V for just $4.5 dollars or $6 a day. But is new and a deal..

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