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Hospital in unknown condition a new study says most women aren't really getting ready for retirement catherine collins in with transamerica center for retirement studies says women are at a disadvantage because on average they make less money than men lower income means less income available to save and over the course of a woman's working career of twenty thirty forty years that can have a compounding effect she says women are also more likely to take time off parent or take care of family members which decreases the amount of money available to save study found that only twelve percent of women surveyed felt very confident that they will be able to fully and comfortably retire both of so cal's nhl teams will be going to the playoffs the pacific division wildcard la kings will travel to las vegas for the first two games of a seven game series against the first place gold knights secondplace anaheim ducks will host the third place san jose sharks in the first two games of their series traffic from your helpful socal honda traffic center we've got a stalled bus in mission viejo on the five theft inside it's going to be right at the pause where the middle lane is still blocked here you're gonna see heavy delays starting right around the el toro northbound side also pretty sluggish coming away from the seventythree toll road out to el toro but no clashes to report on the northbound side industry still got roadwork eastbound sixty between fairway and brea canyon least till tomorrow morning right around five to see delays on the northbound one ten leaving delay off and on from about the one zero five freeway to the one to one freeway southbound so it's to be tough to find out you about six and a heavy ride if you're heading out of hollywood step inside of the one and one starting to right around sunset the states have you ever to the one ten kfi in the sky helps get you there faster prime jalen forecast hi i'm laura of lovely ballet dot com looking to sell your home let's start by increasing the value of your home with our thirty five day home makeover with minimal investment my makeover crew upgrade your home to stand out in this market we'll give your home a facelift so buyers will love it and we'll get you more money in your pocket don't wait for more information and your free consultation click here and you'll also.

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