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She cheats lindy children's moonlights well and what else lies ahead for you well you know we have x actually is going to be the c's throughout the world very soon oh so except fan trust out of them the twenty as gonna beat out very soon sunday to frost debut about to us through on yeah at least and i'm also fans will the film tell us about the course of the been yeah i broke off you felt that your childhood friend that you for the been with tocci was miller of a coach and there was a rift but then you have come back together again he ace just tony is someone secretary crazy to be too cause she and the vocally stunned i grew up to get out we met in the out for years old him intention about it and you know eventually cam pretty much from to be a struck cousin japan him up right so curry on she joined caught chief had a brainwashed saw yeah about a broke up and he tepid yeah past of a also us every doesn't it on this play passed out a she to himself so it was a moment to chris to be true story well and now back together what he want people to know about x japan i mean oh when people think about every shift and a show get over think of a rock band people may think about ninja subban ranks something like that that they had i not of amazing walk fans in asia so you want to be one of the that him to make i sat with the law breakthrough for other japanese fans he's actually i mean if there's a boundary of hall between the sentiment asked that's your shaky the japanese debacle icon also classical composure and he has to be performing at carnegie hall friday is shaky thank you so much so much for having.

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