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To be part of a body that exists in name only they announced their resignation from the nfl players association domestic violence commission in a washington post op ed that said none of their reforms proposed to reduce intimate partner violence have been adopted there was no media response from the nfl pa which formed the commission after ray rice was caught on video knocking unconscious then theon say have seen said the nfl pa is no longer interested in even making a public show of concern about violence against women aaron katersky abc news new york the family of late comedian chris farley is suing trek bicycles abc's ryan burrow explains why chris farley family says trek bicycle misappropriated his name and traded on his brand of comedy by calling its fete tired bikes farley the lawsuit claims farley wait about four hundred pounds and spent a majority of his career building and capitalizing brand of fat guy humor and acting style that guy oh lawsuit was originally filed in california last year but was moved to wisconsin because it's closer to all of the parties involved a company founded by farley's families has damages could exceed ten billion dollars ryan burrow abc news senate majority leader mitch mcconnell shortens the traditional august recess to just one week abc's serena marshall with more now in the senate there are ten vulnerable democrats who are up for reelection this november and so instead of going home and campaigning and hitting the ground running on the campaign trail they're going to be stuck here on capitol hill making sure to get this stuff done but senator chuck schumer the leading democrat in the senate said you know what our job is to work for the american people and they can do that and making campaign from capitol hill and national safety council was sobering warnings about children who die inside cars during summer the nonprofit national safety council.

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