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To see the last night at Dodger Stadium where everything Dave Roberts pressed went wrong in the Dodgers with a three to nothing lead **** in the M. L. D. S. game five and lost to the national seven to three how we can drink at a grand slam in case he gave up on it and the Dodgers lose go home for the winter after a hundred and six wins is talk about it with my cook on the only guests and by the way this has happened about a minute ago Gabe Kapler the Philadelphia Phillies was fired relieved of his job as manager creating more competition for candidates out there is the giants have another opening and also creating his availability Iran wants to column right Mike there's so much to get to on the home against I first of all good morning second of all I just want to open their open the floor Dave Roberts and the moves last night couldn't have gone worse Mike good morning yeah good morning I I I can't believe what I saw last night about the whole time that their games going down I mean we started out and you know does your score the two run home run bottom of the first off of Strasbourg Matt Matt's Muncie it's one out and think and is is not looking good for the the nationals and then also the next inning group here comes PK Hernandez other solo shot and I'm thinking they'll lose not good and then it just kind of the Dodgers just kinda had opportunity they can cash in on yeah they let the nationals hang around and then the national score I think it was the sixth inning yeah that was a six innings so they get on the board you know now three one will the momentum just kind of shifted over to the first base side with the nationals were sitting and anything that now they have an opportunity seven sitting in they get a little momentum going in there and at a meeting he just doesn't have a good series at all he's gonna comes up and with two outs it could be your out he was great and they bring in the Kershaw three pitches and his fastball nasty slider the year Skirball sit your **** down inning over into what I saw that slider I'm thinking well he's got his stuff you can't throw better Saddam that matches best that's his best pitch so the here's the decision Dave Roberts said his I I I watch said slaughter what's was three pitches he just abuses he dumped on a back out there because the next inning he's got run down and then he's got sort of the two best pitchers the two passengers hitters on that on that national team so we goes after it's a two pitch at bat with with ring don't he comes up there he does a nasty slider down in in window who who finally woke up he was still hold the whole series last couple games this guy you know you get to swing back and he shows what you really should have some serious consideration for the M. B. T. internationally in a in a in a one ball can he gets up there and he hits a slider over the wall it's stunned everybody including Clayton Kershaw because he just threw the same slightly struck out eat none and and now he takes over the wall best under so can you get the ball back you got to go a one run lead here comes a twenty year old Soto any does a first pitch get insider tie score are you kidding me within three pitches to sliders his best pitch they tied up now this is were were Roberts takes heat that why did you take him out of the game at three just three pitched eaten I would know you would know I don't know manager would've here's Clayton Kershaw who's got on five days days rest just through shows as manager he's got all three pitches working against eaten and your and you you do want curse are going against the heart of the lineup who who who would you rather go to well I guess just like the M. I've been reading all about of my can I understand you know Clayton Clayton but they the nats had gotten to him earlier in the series and they knew his October Jimmy Rollins talked about this they knew is October ledger came to my aid I had been much more effective and he was clean and ready to go into we write E. on writing with friend down so that could have been a pretty logical move okay well you're ready ready was rent run down and you've got sort of coming up you get ready lefty then I am a lefty specialist Adam was sitting cleric they can learn lefty on lefty and he he had retired sort of three times okay but here's the deal you're a pitcher use your status and three pitches you got your stuff which he did you can't deny that against the abuse them right right okay now you're the manager sitting there watching those three pitches what your concern is when he comes out the pen does he have a stuff yeah I saw his stuff yeah yeah but it's the other any gets into a you know I forget what cal was I don't remember the first pitch was to run down but he throws at slider down in was not anger Duchess bread and butter in his location were written down due to go out and get that thing and knocked over the wall that blew my mind okay now what you gonna do there you're mowing and you still have one run lead you'll get him now you can go get him because he's you know what I mean I'm just relying on the get with the guys you're gonna tell me you're gonna bring a cooler then didn't didn't even let her shop which actually after you saw we which is any room for more great specially to consider cursos legacy and that he's gone from you don't yeah I the ninety you consider what you're looking at yeah and then grinned don't took him deep and then that's it have success against cursor earlier plus size hole legacy now you got her son's hand is a mess in this will be good to that this is were the the whole thing is me and all the criticism is all based on on what happened earlier it's all based on what the statute says it's not based on what Dave Roberts is actually looks but she knew at a meeting was not performing well so the retiring him was not a huge accomplishment you know and mean it's like it's like Pollock was struggling for the Dodgers so I mean you've got a job done and you started cleaning defective guy made which is that's what you're looking at you're looking at the pictures you're looking at how he still on the baseball that's the difference between analytics and old school and his analytical as the Dodgers are with their approach and and in is analytical is Dave Roberts has been he's looking at what he sees okay so that's the first time he's looking at what he sees makes any makes a call based on what you see in a custom two runs and other games start the second time he does it is when Joe Kelly comes in Joe Kelly first inning he was brilliant ten pitches he's Cruisin okay so now he's in the tenth inning first guy P. walks all right will now get worse Kenley Jansen right yeah do you do you go get Kelly Jansen now you walk in the next guy up it's a double in this like all my guy you'll get this guy out here right the P. intensely walks Soto in a here comes out Kendrick manager to that's where it all unraveled right there that's were he could have moved a couple pictures in and out if nothing else to break up the rhythm of the inning okay and he didn't do it so that's the inning it's going on in my eye you know that the thing with Kersh I you know I okay I understand I say we say in in your writing with with with Kelly though that's the one because the key is that even after the curse of bombs the game still tied you haven't lost the game you can still go win the game in the Dodgers have a million walk off at home this year so then we focus on that that one and that's where if you Kelly Jansen Mike and you said that they're in the past and what do you think and he's not calling you he let this guy Kelly marinade out there and and it's not going well that in that that's I mean that shows what no faith in Kelly right yeah I know facing Kelly no free to buy is no face any anybody down there I mean he's wanted outside of made it was one of the starters earlier I mean it was amazing how how we leaned on on the starters and Joe Kelly we saw Joe Kelly the last three days is easy so it's not available he was throwing Gerry he was thrown great when we saw earlier in the month of September they study completely Adam cured but man when he went back out there after the leadoff walk to me that's like yeah right right right are you this morning yeah when will this go to say to I guess maybe if you're Dave Roberts behind closed doors he's like I don't trust can only buy as gave up the Homer to Zimmerman I don't have guys is what do you guess he was saying which goes to show you if you don't have a bull pen you a one of the World Series yeah yeah well think about this the other team in the nationals in noble they know what they're down three nothing the fifth inning and enable at Strasbourg hit with two men on nobody out while he can't get the point down but the levee they kept him in the game why because he can't go to the book well I said that their long term prospects I mean as magical as they are they are magic man they have been pulling off since that nineteen thirty one start they have been what they did to the brewers in the wild card game and now what they did to the Dodgers down to one there's no denying they have some sort of particles as Bollywood college but Mike they got it they don't have a bull pen so I don't know if they can get all the way you know what team has a built in Mike the table thank you Sir Houston and that is a apple because that's why I mean I I just think whoever gets to the World Series now is going to be a massive underdog but Campbell prints are so important but it it influenced every decision yeah in last night's game and I I honestly did not see it coming even the score was tied I'm thinking yeah I honestly thought the Dodgers yeah that would not exactly that was fun but the Dodgers have been walking off all year long you know what I mean did that they were able to stitch it together with the the nationals were with Dan Hudson and Corbin and now again I don't know how long they can keep going to those guys but those guys delivered the pictures that the Dodgers didn't and then do little to and they will do little me and if it's the last inning the babies were done by thirty well that's but that's about the best I've seen him throw so they may have gotten back up to the other guy who's the X. factor in this series that absolutely P. the bed the first two times out yeah start we came in and relief and Justin was bad I mean he just didn't have the speed he was nibbling he didn't have commitment he was a goose in the ball he came in last night's ballgame and he was awesome he show so I think they got him back this is his first experience in the attic is finally got him back so because we go forward he's going to be a guy that could be the X. factor because he certainly I mean those first two outings in this series against the Dodgers in the hit show it and I thought if that is the nationals lost the series it would have been because of court but in the end you know you want to do a great last night they got him back over last night Hey Mike real quick over to the American League because I got to say crook I was thinking about you man during game four because when you came on the show Tuesday and we're talking about the you know the.

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