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Voice actors will dramatize their incredible lives reimagining their greatest and weakest moments. Then we'll examine Zaman. They're controversial deaths. Some deaths came too soon. Some remains shrouded in mystery and some changed the world forever ever today. We're covering Guayas. Julius Caesar a Military General Caesar rose to power as part of the Roman triumvirate for it but then took power as a dictator in the first century. B C but this great power led to his infamous death breath now back to the life of Julius Caesar Guys Julius Caesar Man. Where do you even start with him? You almost WANNA start right with his death. It is among the most famous deaths in history and all that but if we started with the death then we'd miss out on on one of history's greatest stories the story of a general who altered the course of an entire empire and really an entire world. Well why don't we start from day. One sounds like a good idea to me guys. Julius Caesar was born on July twelfth one hundred B C in the city of Rome he was a member number of genes. Julia whom according to Roman Legend were descendants of aeneas the star of virgils and need and the ancestor of Romulus and Remus the ancient founders of room and of course in these legends aeneas is the son of the Roman goddess Venus. So Caesar was descended from the Gods. Technically Lee yes well. His family must have been pretty well off considering they were direct descendants of one of the first Romans not exactly while Caesar's father also named that guy is Julius. Caesar held minor governorship in Rome's Asian province. Modern Day Turkey. The family was on the lower end of the political and financial totem pole. The governorship most likely came from the guy says sister Julia marrying guys. Maria's a very prominent and important figure in Rome at the time guys seemed to be at the top of the baby. Names list back in the one. Hundred's as was Caesar in the JEN's Julia according to Roman history. Plenty of the elder Plinio Flinty the elder yes plenty. The elder ancient Rome had the best name they did. Well according to plenty the elder the name Caesar came from one of the ancestors esters of the family being born of Syrian section which originally came from the Roman Word Kite era to cut Caesar Caesarian section makes a Lotta got a sense of the later biography of Rome. His Story Agusta would dispute this. It asserts that the name Caesar comes either from the Latin word for thick hair for gray is or for killing an elephant. That's a very specific image. But knowing Caesar and knowing that he would later have coins printed that featured elephants. I'm Kinda inclined to believe that last one. While Caesar was home-schooled taught by his mother a real Yukata and by a man named Marcus Antonius knife. Oh who would go on to tutor. Many Rome's greatest orators and politicians like many ancient Roman and Greek legends. There's not much recorded about his formative years and it's not like today where parents like to document. I meant every single moment of childhood all of the biographies on Caesar Begin at his teenage years. Though it's possible. These biographies originally had paragraphs about his younger days. If they did they are now. Sadly lost to history in his teenage years are in fact. Very good place to start with Caesar's journey to the top of Rome a journey that would let's start with tragedy when Caesar was sixteen. Come on father. We've gotTA GO in other father. Father Father what's wrong. It seems soon as if it is time to take my journey to the river. Styx you hold the power in this family. Now you are the one who has defined power be good son. I'll be better. I must be better. The death of guy was devastating. To the JEN's Julia I would imagine in any time in history. Losing a loved. Point is an easy. Well yes but I was also talking. About the loss of the family's political power gas was grooming the young Caesar to succeed him in his political life hoping hoping to continually increase the family's power and to restore the great Julia named to its mythological origins. GEIS's early death. I assume meant that Caesar Caesar was too young to take over his father's political career. That's correct Caesar's entire life up to that point was heading towards that destiny and now in an instant it had been swept away and consider that now at the age of sixteen. Caesar was the head of the family the burdens of his family's life and welfare now rested on his shoulders. Caesar didn't back down from these challenges. He turned this into a positive of sorts to make him and his family better than his father could have ever imagined. It began to plan a new path towards a better life. His initial plan was to Mary into a wealthy family. He was soon engaged to a wealthy woman named Katsushika Sushila whom he had been promised to since his birth. Caesar generally would have had to wait a couple years before actually getting married to his lifelong bride but with his father's death breath. Caesar pushed the engagement head quite a bit while. Caesar was trying to settle his future. A civil war loomed in Rome. Much of Caesar's just childhood was surrounded by the social wars a war between Rome and the other cities of Italy over the rights of Roman citizenship. You're telling me the social wars has nothing onto twitter. Unfortunately no although Rome would end up winning this war it was only the beginning of the republic's troubles the social wars featured. The rise is a number of military stars but none were more significant than Lucius. Cornelius Sela and Gayus Marius Guys Marias as in Caesar's Uncle by oh I'm marriage one and the same sylla was actually Marius his protege during the war. But they're opposing. Political ambitions would soon lead to them breaking apart Sola uh-huh and Maria were members of separate political factions and the social war strain on Rome brought a great tension between the parties to the surface. Selo was an optimist and believed in the authority of the Senate and the power of the upper classes whereas Marius was populaires who pushed for more input from the popular assemblies and tribunals Dell's age-old battle really in the aftermath of the Social Wars Sela and Marius both sought to lead the armies to war against another enemy mithra dates rates of Pontus who was warring over Rome's eastern territories and the Senate initially voted for Sola to take the army's to war however when Sella left the city a tribunal voted against the measure and transferred the power of the army tomorrow and. When Sola got word of this he wasn't happy he marched back to Rome home preparing to take on anyone in his way? We have to get out of here. Why haven't you heard Sylla's marching on Rome? What sella's marching on Rome with Rome's own army and with your relationship with guys Marias? We need to get you to safe place quickly my place just outside the city we can hide you there. I must get my wife Hurry. We don't have much time. Caesar could only watch. WATCH AS Roma's own men for the first time in its history siege the city it was an image that would remain with him for the rest of his life Sola. It was successful in taking back his command he exiled Marius and probably left Rome. With all of its soldiers to fight Mithra dates but as someone who was making his way to the Eastern Provinces Marias formed a ragtag army and staged their own invasion of Rome. Marius alongside his ally Lucius Cornelius. Cigna Anna Purge Rome of many of Solis followers and declared Sola an enemy of the State Lucius Cornelius Sela and Lucius Cornelius cinna on opposite ends ends of the war. Men Names agent role must have been very confusing. Yes they seem to be. In any case Sola was now an enemy of Rome and because Ozzy was so far off even when word reached him he could not immediately return. It was a good idea in theory. At least take back power and either hope that Sela dies in battle or that you can build your following enough to take down well your own army. Marias died early in the next year leaving center in charge of the new political movement. But Marius left one gift for his family specifically for the Young Julius Caesar Out East and Caesar's young age meant inheriting his is father's old governorship was out of the question but Marias and his followers were able to procure the position of Fleming dials. For Caesar Instead Caesar was now L. The high priest of the leader of the Gods Jupiter. That seems like it's a pretty important position. It definitely was not as powerful as governorship. It was says respected. Jen's Julia was making its way back to the top Senate.

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