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Material podcast this episode number one seventy four and I am joined today by the lovely and cannot be replaced. Andy nocco Toby? Cannot be replaced. Yes. Andy flu we see? See? That's how that's how you know that each one of these is being handcrafted using old world artists. Artisanal podcasting techniques because we keep trying to do something clever every time for the intro, but always failing. Yeah. Well, you know, what though have going for us is we have an interesting at least, you know, some people don't have that theme to lead them in. So thank you to make pretty soon. If like our ad member revenue keeps going on. We might even like intro with a cut scene. Now, we're going to have like where you can press a button to get past that on the controller, but you really want to see the like me like with my with a backpack with the big clan waving in the background, slowly, but purposefully. Marching sort of wandering over a hillside swept with swept with lilac pausing to lift lift my lift my my scarf from my face. Oh my goodness. That's Dutta lady. At all. That's a guy said that we thought that the warrior person would be would be a woman, I'm taking a sip for my flask. And then after wiping my mouth lift my flute to end gun than than play this this beautiful. But haunting melody that injured that that in that says that this Boyer? Yes, he is fearsome, but he has interesting intellectual and emotional depth to him that we're probably going to find out in the manner and the style, which he basically goes all stabby against random playing characters. Wow. Wow. Oh, that's right. We were talking about games before this. Yes. Now that I have my game controller I haven't stabbing a lot of people in in assassin's creed. During in in project script stream, are you finding it? He finding. Enjoyable like the game of I'm not really so much of a run through a group of people and stab lots of people sort of game person. But I'm not being someone who doesn't really play a lot of games. I'm I'm enjoying the novelty of it. I still think that I I'm so looking forward to buying Cup head at some point once I figure out how to get Cup head running on some of just, you know, I really just want to know what Google is going to do with this information like cool array Iran a game through browser. Okay. What? Now like, all right. I get it. You could do it. Come back to me with some more stuff when you have some more stuff. Not really feeling this title. And I I kind of want indulge in it. But I don't really want to play whatever this is that you gave me to play because I feel like that's not me. And I don't want to have my first time beat that experience. No. I I get you. And I get what what the Google has been saying that they chose this game to show to basically. So that they're not. Oh, look we've got we've got tetris going streaming like oh. Well boy. Wow. So runs runs almost as well as my Commodore sixty four ambitious first test you've done, so I get they they wanted something that was going to be as taxing as possible. But hopefully, if they do get through with their goal of turning the chrome browser on any computer into a game platform, you will be able to get you won't be able to get the more contemporary live games in more. 'cause again, I I don't one of the reasons why I have not ever gotten into console games that when I'm playing a game or when I'm not working and writing I really wanna relax and wind down and like turned down the stress levels. And if I'm even if I'm just sort of like all on edge because I don't know if I've read the green correctly on sinking. This putt, that's not relaxing, relaxing, his reading a good book while listening to music while lying in my dangerously comfy now bed that's been outfitted with the cozy flannel sheets and the comforter and the I should probably stop talking because the bed is actually one room away right now..

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