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Him. If you want to hear the whole podcast. It's a little bit longer, but very interesting. It's a cape dot com The afternoon news with Kitty O'Neil right now, Traffic and weather together. Let's hear from Kpk. Stena has no man the stories I know there's so many they were there, boy. Hey, bro, if you buy wall, Anisa and right now, Kitty as we look around our freeways downtown of the split is going to be 15 minutes on eastbound cap. Split to Roosevelt 11 minutes on eastbound 80 downtown. L drove 12 minutes on high five at about 16. Maybe 17 minutes on 99 at Folsom eastbound 50 20 minute ride there. We have reported that a traffic hazard. Just Western Bradshaw. Two large piece of cement Good about four ft by three ft. In the middle lane, Be very careful out there again. That's eastbound. 50 just was to Bradshaw. Going to Woodland 19. Minutes north on I 5 12 minute, right out to Davis. Westbound 80 heavier traffic coming the other way. And, yes, we still have westbound 80 shut down up at drum for Bay Road, and they are diverted traffic onto 20 because of an overturned big rigs there that also caught fire. There is a new low rate in town. It's 11 Isa Auto Insurance, Big Savings. Great Service. It's the wall on he's away for free auto insurance quote, Call 877 w w a N E s a or visit while on the set. Com traffic on the tens every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons from the Bonnie Leading the way home Traffic centre. Dana has news 93.1 kfbk Alright, Thanks, Dina And your forecast now brought to you by true Market Red flag Warning east of Sacramento through late this evening for tonight, mainly clear skies Low 56 to 60. Mostly sunny skies on tap tomorrow tomorrow will reach a high of 88 to 90 too much of the.

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