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Thing about this. We had like our first summer weekend, you can go swimming in the pool. You could go to the beach. You could go to go to the park, you can play golf. And then you start thinking why the hell did we put up with this six months of winter, where we can't use any of this stuff. Maybe we should go where it's beautiful year round. But what happens when you're down there with warm weather year round, you get take it for granted? You get bored of no your active. That's the key. You're active. It's almost sunny every day. You don't sit in the house and the biggest thing down here is pickle ball, pickle ball, wait a minute. This is the world capital and pick a bowl. We just had to world championships here for representatives players from forty nine states thirty countries and twenty five hundred players. It's huge. This sport is going to take over the country. Participating sport is half the size of a tennis court, so old people like myself can play. All right. But Warner will you got the nice weather all year? But on the other hand, you're fighting off. Alligators you got seven foot lizards in your house. It's not all it's cracked up to be, they're not that baby six AM feel lizard, chronic wall, every, but I'll tell you there is one drawback apparently this is this is not an isolated. I read in one of the New York papers about sandy, the insurance company, they're trying to shortchange the people who had insurance policy. I will you gotta have your urine hurricane city there. Yes. Well, Irma wiped really wiped out my whole block, and we need a new roof replacement. There's no there's no question about it. And this company we had federal national insurance company. They they denied the claim they said. Oh, yeah. You do need a new roof, but we don't know that hurricane Irma caused it. Whoa. What else caused who else was here, and they're giving us a tough time? Well, sometimes they do that with that insurance like the wind and claim. It wasn't the win that did the damage. It was the water and you're only covered for wind or vice versa. They do that kind of stuff to the win blew the tiles loose, and they don't make the same tiles. So that's why we need a new roof but they're trying to weasel out of it. It's bragging about this weather. What do you want to root for? We don't have to go out. All right. So the PGA was, I don't know if you watch the golf this weekend, but it was here in Long Island and bring it all excited, Bethpage. I've watched some of it, I thought it was great. I was afraid Camco was going to blow it, especially after Dustin Johnson cut it to one stroke. I said, you know, it's too bad for this guy Brooks camp because he's going to go down as a choke artist and they would have sent. Oh, come on the guy at a seven stroke lead in the list, you know, eighteen holes and, or you know, oh man, buddy held on that was good. I was glad to see that, you know what I like about this, Bethpage. It's so big so.

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