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Nothing surprise me in this fight not even a second as a matter of fact i'm surprised it wasn't more dominant and i agree with you that jose aldo has not lost a step jose auto is still the same man who who defended a title for a decade he's just as good he's not old he hasn't lost a step but the new quad core processors of come out and they're doing calculations just way too fast he's a pentti he's a he's a pentium pentium one processing computer and he still can do calculations and play played plato tech mobile games of on on his computer but now we've now this the max holloway he's doing call of duty and and he's doing he's doing your taxes and he's doing everything else because he's multitasking he's just that much better than him and i don't care if they fight again jose aldo needs to pack up a suitcase and go to a different division because no matter how many times he fights he's going to get destroyed by max holloway they're just not on the same page any longer yeah i don't i don't even see going up in weight would be a good decision for him i don't i don't even see him possibly losing a muscle in training himself to go into the bantamweight division either so i don't i don't think this gets better for joe the auto i think this is the day his his run italy dambiyn was the best say he could have done yet i just don't see.

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