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Gave lardy. So that's the it. So and then i know like well might as well take advantage of kelly and ray and when we do these and so we stay on for an extra ten minutes after you know just chat and ask questions and see if we can get up to date on what's going on with them and the music for our podcast so able to do that and talk retro when i start with ray first question with this ray. Hey ray tell about your first goal. Beauty was awesome. There's no video of it. So i can make this up however i want renew fell slapshot. We're on the power play in the montreal. Four it's me on the inside of the left knee and goes between doug so tarts lanes so i like to say it was a slap shot. It just wasn't mine that's right. It's good sometimes not to have that video review that we see so many times nowadays. Jump radian ray players that catch your eye nowadays. Don't three four or five of those guys really jumped out at you. I know there are some that are going to be obvious but maybe then some that are just kind of closer to to your heart so to speak that they catch your attention and you really think they're exciting to watch while i mean the obvious of course is mcdavid given mckinnon. Yeah eyesight of matthews. I mean those. Those guys are are just so good and it like right. Now as we're as we're taping this matthews is on a fifteen game point streak. He scores every game. It's like he's playing bantam his his but his game is just expanded into a two hundred foot sort of monster game. He's he's amazing. What connor mcdavid. I think he is. I think he's the greatest skater in the history of the game his his agility and speed. And what he can do with that speed is astounding. Dry seidel is just as powerful beasts thicken past and pass a pop. Shoot the puck. You've got a heavy shot and mckinnon is just a given to me. Looks like he's playing the whole game downhill like every time he gets it. He's like he's going faster than everybody else. Who's more powerful than everybody else i. Just i just. I love a love watching him play in. There's a there's a ferocity to to his his compete now. The the guys like there's a couple under the radar guys that i really really like You see him a lot in in arizona. But i i love connor garland i i think he is..

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