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Hashtag never update again don't discourse i'm not glossing over it okay thank you all right let's take a break we'll be right back these these elvis store and in the morning show now let's talk about it stamps dot com oh no stop you're on your way to the post office amid for us does that no need you can turn your house into a post office let's play post office you water stands dot com anything you can do at the post office you can do at home with your own printer it's been effect stems dot com in this special deal you can get thanks to me yeah you can uh that they'll send you a a scale so you can way your package before you send them so you never overspend for postage a never underspend in fright it won't make it where it needs to go this is so great for people who like an atsea have their own little shops than they have their own businesses at home because you're cuddly taken like fifteen twenty packages at a time to the post office run you don't have to do that and scary you should get stamps oncoming funny you can safely ship all the names you drop so look uh it's convenient it so easy whatever you need to do at the post office do it at home and then the postal service will show up in pick it up and taken away i love that now it's a special fourweek trial special offer just for you if you go to stamps dot com click on that microphone on the homepage in type in elvis is a fourweek trial plus postage and a digital scale you hook it up to your printer in your radio it stamps dot com click the microphone type in l.

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