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Us this morning. Oh, gosh. Kelly that wasn't me. Is he is he in Costa Rica, they are in Costa Rica? Oh thirtieth wedding anniversary. Oh, hey, he ain't up this morning. He ono. Now, unless he's listening on his part out. You never know if he if they caught a bunch of sailfish yesterday Kelly has never gotten over being mad at him. Caught about sailfish yesterday. He's probably out there again today. Let's see the most jaw that they have caught on one day one boat. Fifty three fifty three sailfish now. That number that I wasn't there that day that's word because after after three or four for me, I quit. So he had been more like forty three. Wow. Hey, guys. If you're listening to Santa town down south fan, the southern family boat show is happening here convention center today, and I've got what has said they got bands from looks like from ten to five got three or four different bands coming in and out. So check it out. And yeah, it's an Austin convention center. Right there off first street. What is it now? So you read very ever and cedar Caesar. For me. That's the only way I knew it. But they got all kinds of local dealers best prices of the year all that kind of stuff. So be sure to get in there and check it out, and we'll be talking to different ones all through the show about what's going on. In fact, we'll be talking to Brit with Austin canoe and kayak. Find out about the thing and what's new in the kayak world. And like I said Cody of being here in a little bit. And we'll also we'll be talking to. Oh here in a minute. You never heard us talk Tohfill have you? Oh, yes. Hopefully will be calling in here in a little bit. And he's the only one that gets dumped more than me. There..

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