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To you about better help. Better help makes therapy more accessible. And affordable better help is professional counseling done securely online using your computer. Your tablet your mobile phone. It works through video. Calls phone calls or even text messaging with licensed therapists who are certified by their states. Board to provide therapy and counseling. This is not self help. It's not a crisis line. Better help is an on line service available worldwide and it has a massive network of counselors with a broad and diverse range of specialties. So you get a counselor with the sort of expertise that might not be available to you locally. Better help assesses your needs and matches you with a licensed professional therapist within twenty four hours. He's in log into your account anytime to message. Counselor better help also has group in our sessions every week where members can learn groups directly from licensed counselors on multiple topics things like relationships in ways to overcome anxiety and all kinds of useful topics especially the thought of seeking help. Makes you nervous be sure to check out over. Sixty thousand positive reviews posted on the website. And just for maximum clarity. That's better help and help us belt. H. e. l. p. is committed to making it easy for you to access the therapeutic help you need even if you've never gone to counseling before it's free to switch therapists. It's more affordable local therapy and they even have financial aid available. Better help wants you to start living a happier life today. Visit better help dot com slash impact theory. Again it's better. H e l p dot com and join over five hundred thousand people. Taking charge of their mental health with the help of an experienced professional. Better help cost just sixty five dollars per week and financial aid is available for those who qualify during the sign up process as an impact theory listener. You get ten percent off your first month so visit better help dot com slash impact theory and get the help. You need today guys. You gotta take mental health seriously. I know first hand if you need it. Give this a shock. Take care and be legendary..

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