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Michael Bronson is the new chief of police for the city of Milwaukee. After taking over for Alfonso Maria Alice, who was demoted to captain by the city's fire and police Commission was wearing in ceremony taking place at City Hall on Friday. We're gonna work. Feverishly to engage to build those relationships. We have to do that. Acting chief. Bronson was a finalist for the top spot when MPD chief Ed Flynn retired in 2018. Michael Bronson didn't win the title of chief at the time, but was appointed as assistant chief by Alfonso. Morale is Bronson was recruited to the Milwaukee Police Department from Florida, where he'd grown up in 1995. Married with two sons. Brunton recently faced tough questioning by Milwaukee's Common Council. About the use of tear gas during protests over the death of George Floyd. At the time, Bronson repeatedly stated in those instances, they did not involve peaceful protesters. Jane met there. W. T. M. Jane is the executive director of the city's Fire and Police Commission says she thinks former chief Alfonzo Morales was treated fairly by the commission. Rosetta all dread. He says he agreed to turn terms and conditions in December as outlined by commissioner Solar, her now chairman of the board. I think people back in history and refills minutes and three and look at those rules. I think that the answer speaks for itself already has withdrawn her name from consideration for another term as executive director of the commission, but says she'll stay on until her successor has been appointed talks over Corona virus with if on Capitol Hill have failed, ABC is Katherine Folders has the latest talks between the Trump Administration and Democratic leadership have collapsed, with both parties leaving negotiations Friday, citing no measured progress towards an agreement. And no plans for a future meeting. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said the administration is poised to take executive action on Corona virus relief focused on unemployment insurance, student loans and evictions. The chief and I will recommend to the president based upon Our lack of activity a day to move forward with some executive orders. White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows says President Trump will likely sign these orders over the weekend. Catherine.

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