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Smartest doing. Three and a half. It's the one that I'm boost in for the weekend. All right. Let's get to the show. This morning I woke up to information that covid outbreak in the Indianapolis Colts facility initial reports were saying that it wasn't players. It was just personnel turns out that that was not true either the initial reports should not have said that because the colts we're not releasing who anybody was that had a positive coverted test I called my sore setting. Nablus. And I, asked, is this a lot of people were what in are these players in that person told me well, I'm not allowed to tell you who it potentially was because of whatever and I was like. someone's GonNa find out at some point might as well just tell me they can't do it, and then I said how many it a lot and they said, what do you consider a lot and I said how no a lot it may said less than five and I was like, okay, that's not that's not a lot. Then by the way, it's less than five that's on a lot. Then about twenty minutes after that conversation came out, doesn't fucking matter all false positives. All false positives have come into the Indianapolis colts facilities less than five. Who knows how many was was it? Was a personnel we don't know but we do know is that this could have happened on a Saturday or on a Sunday in really change a lot of things because although this happened on, I would assume Thursday test for a Friday morning work day. The interesting thing about it here is they were told not to come into the facility they were told we're going to do zoom calls all day they were told that. We have to wait to see if the second test comes back positive as well or if these are false positives in if this was to happen on a Saturday and Sunday, was gain day in the team had already traveled to Indianapolis where the game, what do they do? Then who cares doesn't happen and maybe we'll have down the road. The colts have this official statement earlier this morning, we were informed that four individuals. Okay. This less than five, and we should learn that by the way whenever somebody gives us information are literally they are they're selling that information as good as possible. For, individuals within the organization tested positive for Covid Nineteen, the four positive samples were retested in have been confirmed negative after consultation with the NFL and chief medical officer Dr Allen Sills. The team will practice facility this afternoon under the league's intensive protocol, and we'll continue preparation for Sunday's game against Joey be the Cincinnati bengals. So that means now fast Friday will be moved to the afternoon which I'm sure all players love but this. Year, you can't really man or be upset about absolutely anything. They're going to do the entire day virtually and I would assume that the four people that tested positive were pretty important to the operation because they were. So hush on who it was. Now they're spas that we do. I. Guess We just move on and act like nothing happened because. So what now what nobody's going to care that they potentially had to miss one day? A. Practice, which is Friday, which is your least workday. Now, they got to kill on and get ready for the Cincinnati. Bengals. I. Was a little bit upset about the possibility fill rivers not being able to play catch with his players because it seems like on a regular basis, he's been playing catch with the other teams players and we need every single day at practice but Titan showed us anything for these professional athletes it does. Not Matter in cove inside effect might be that they get better at football I was going to hammer the colts after that. Now that it's all false positives I'm going to have to reconsider what got going on 'cause minus eight is a lot of points. This is just another distraction and distract filled year for the NFL and for the colts, they'll figure out how to get through it but I do believe where they sabotage possibly. IS A. Annoying definitely. But what I don't like living in this is feel good. Friday. What if that happens Sunday morning? What if that happens on a Monday morning? Not Tuesday. What happens if there is supposed? To be completely candid. I thought the false positive thing was done like I thought we're no longer dealing with that. I thought the testing had gotten. So advanced at this point that we're in a good spot because if false positives are happening for the Indianapolis Colts in the NFL, which I would assume are paying a lot of money for high end test. Well. How many other false positives going on? Oh, I don't want to get into it because it is Good Friday but I mean this questions everything and I hope they get it figured out and I'm thankful that Nobody Indianapolis Colts Organization was you know potentially breaking protocols in trying to bring down the entire league like another team was potentially trying to do that we talk about because they came out and boat race the buffalo bills entire operation big show today big show today in the First Hour. We have Josh CRIBS. He's joining us in about twenty two minutes Josh Cribs, Potential Hall of fame returner for the Cleveland Browns I played alongside him at the Indianapolis. Colts. Awesome legendary human obviously the Cleveland browns play the Pittsburgh steelers this weekend other than the packers bucks which everybody's excited about obviously because two goats are taking each other on and the quarterback position this dealers browns game has massive implications to talk about the steelers things. As opposed to just cribs Cleveland Browns side of things Ramon foster former offensive line for the Pittsburgh steelers who was in the game last year by the way when myles Garrett took Mason Rudolph helmet off his head and hit him in the head with his own helmet on national television while securing a dub for the Cleveland browns Pittsburgh steelers Ben Rothlisberger by the way, here's a stat that came out this morning. Good morning football's. A. K. Adams I believe she said Oh yeah. Ben Rothlisberger Twenty three to one or something like that. Against the browns twenty, three, two in one against the browns the last sixteen games the Cleveland browns had in Pittsburgh they have lost. So if you're a stats person, we live in analytics world I mean we live in a stats world it does feel as if the odds are stacked against the Cleveland browns especially now that Ben Rothlisberger is all the way back that defensive line is unbelievable although the Cleveland browns have kind founded an identity and their foreign one for the first time. What in forever whatever that feels like a team, the steelers that are just waiting in anticipation for this weekend and if you listened to Mike Tomlin talking he's at Hey. Taught the kitchen, the AFC north. They very much understand that this is a massive game not only because the Pittsburgh Cleveland rivalry has been one for a long long time whenever you grow up in Pittsburgh, you're told that Cleveland is the mistake on the lake. Your told that Cleveland stinks you're told that even the worst city of all time digs in my life all true ultra nick in my line. Now not lying, Nick. He's not lying. It's a real thing if you grew up in Pittsburgh and that would assume the same thing happens in Cleveland and this goes back way before I was born. This goes back way before digs is born the browns and steelers used to be a historic rivalry. Then Cleveland browns just left they went over to Baltimore. See You later then Cleveland Browns fans which are very loyal die hard fan base kind of lost. Their way they didn't know what to do browns come back. Here we go eight each other again but since they've come back, it hasn't really been anything special when it comes browns steelers rivalry and I want to city of Cleveland House, like this place is really nice..

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