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That is the laugh of none other than emperor Powell teen. Good good that that is the part of the trailer that had everyone really shook if we're pal Patine is a was Darth Vader's Sieff Lord boss who who they killed at the return of the jet or so we thought the room down the the energy shaft. Yes. Never to be heard from or seen again was like we saw his by anything you've just gone, which is why that line at the end of the trailer. No one is ever really gone. Do we know who it's applying to write talking about himself is he talking about all the people. She may have lost or issue talking about Embraer palpitation. This is what I loved about this trailer and the whole idea of what Jj Abrams brings to the franchise. He has a healthy respect for the previous trilogies and those characters. Their importance to lifelong Star Wars fans guess in a way that Ryan Johnson who directed the last jet. I you know, he had total disregard for any just the way he killed off in the movie, Luke and try to kill off and really had no real respect to regard for the original trilogies chief heroes. I understand you passing the baton. But there was just a way that they could have done it better and Jj Abrams that only is he saying we're officially passing the baton because they're calling this the end of the Skywalker saga. He's making very clear that all the things that you felt were missed and last movie, we're gonna make sure you get some of those field goods in this movie. Which is why love what he's saying. You know, over, you know, a thousand generations of Djeddai gesturing. Everything is now in you when he says that line it makes her running from tie fighter chasing her at like, you know, pretty fast travel through space. Right. Yeah. This thing is chasing her down barreling down on a desert plain. She literally backflips over this thing. I'm like, yeah. That's about a thousand years the jed eye training right there. And if no one is ever, really gone. It leaves the door open for all sorts of what we call force ghosts. Yeah. It could be Luke. It could be anikin slash Darth Vader. It could be the emperor. Because we heard the voice it their limitless possibilities and since they flirted with all these other cameos like iota in the last Jedi. I we get to actually have Landau Cal risk. And finally in this movie. It says to me there's going to be a proper sendoff to a lot of these characters and something that I think many of us. Missed out on in the last Jedi. I we are going to see Ray from what I can see trained further. Obviously Luke's ghost comes back and says look I've got a little bit of time. Now, I'm not going anywhere. Art, some of this knowledge on you. So you can be ready for what's to come. Because she did not have that thousand years thousand generations of knowledge in the last movie. Now, not she was struggling to deal with the lightsaber. Now, you see this trailer holding it will ding confidently like a true jet. I should all I want is a decent Star Wars movie. I'm still not in yet. I'm being very honest. I'm not in. I'm encouraged. I look for not in JJ did it for me with force awakens. And I think he's going to do it again with the rise of Skywalker. Not a huge fan of the title. But let's talk about that. Before we go to break. I wasn't a big fan of the title because then you set into place or set in motion certain expectations. If you call it the right? Of of Skywalker than there has to be a rise of Skywalker in the movie is you're telling us that Ray is actually a Skywalker right now. Which would really suck you give us a reveal even before the movie stars. Or there has to be some other Skywalker who has to figure prominently in the movie, which means lucre attic. Or is it the end of the jet I- teachings and the ways of the jet. I and the rise of the ways of those who follow Skywalker, which is really what it all boils down to. When you look at the original stories that we saw it was about, and it can Skywalker being what the balance to the force. And then his son after him is the one who's going to bring him to the balance. Why not the the history and everything that was opposed to become of the jet? I ending with Skywalker. The rise of the legend of Skywalker. I don't know. It may be stretch. We shall see. We gotta wait till December. Twentieth. Florida news will become back KFI AM, six forty more. Student stimulating talk microsiping.

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