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Do you like Algebra yes. I love. L. Dot why. Because it's beautiful how I keep hearing here mathematician so it's beautiful and then you like CD's movies but these crazy scrawling on a chalkboard. It is kind of Nice actually but but I still don't get it. I think that's a matter of temperament. There's some people to whom mathematical proof appears as a thing of beauty. It speaks of a higher truth. It speaks of a harmony to to knowledge the fact that it works at all let alone that we can understand. It speaks to a larger category of existence and knowledge Terry Moore you can see his full talk. Y is x the unknown at Ted Dot. NPR DOT ORG kinked tax. So we're going to be hearing a lot of these drumbeats throughout the show. Today they are the work of Clayton. Cameron I'm a provocateur of rhythm. Planes drummed for a few musicians. You might have heard of including Frank Sinatra Dean Martin. Sammy Davis Junior and here with Tony Bennett uncover anyway. We asked Clayton to do some of the music on the show today and to talk about an idea from his Ted talk doc an idea. He calls a rhythmic Arithmetic basically it's a way to understand how numbers and rhythm intersect and idea. That had never really occurred Clayton until he moved next door to a mathematician and we were talking and I'm no mathematician okay by any stretch of the imagination however He said something to me that I never forgot. He's he he said. You know. Those are really some beautiful numbers like so. Were you just talking talking. Like a beat or song or something. And he's like there's a beautiful numbers absolutely And I said wow. I said if you're at a certain level with math I guess guests they could be beautiful numbers and Then I had a conversation. One day with a friend of mine is incredible drummer musician named Marvin Smitty Smith. I said Marvin is a track you do. I said there's no way you could be thinking about this music way. I'm thinking about it because you make it seem so simple hot and some Marvin set will i. I just think in cycles. And then he didn't have to say another word I knew exactly what he meant. And so Between numbers are beautiful. Oh and you know I just think in cycles from my friend Marvin. All these things started coming together. He started noticing like these cycles of numbers in the rhythms. That you've even playing for years absolutely not watch this. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa play something Two different even Lee spaced Beats One will be three. Rian won't be too so we have one two three one two one two three one two so I'm going to give you a different sound. Only my left hand. I'm a little play. Just two beats in within the same space of time so we have one.

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