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Yeah. Yeah. He was. Notes and everything notes ready. That's good. I know it's good for the job is doing, but it's bad for the movie. Manage sticking his hand as you looking at his notes, let me religious shit. You know, this is this is going to be a spoiler for this movie for even start. I don't know actually might not be because it wasn't wasn't very definitive. How you doing personnel? Kamar joined doing great. Here. Great glad to see Canard. Paid him to go ahead and go see this robinhood moving today. I got some shit to say. All right brother hosing night, as I came out that the two oh, really, oh, this is going to be good. Oh, damn, well, let me tell you. Hi, I'm gonna say, look, I'm not saying thank because. It's been really excited to tell somebody about this people out there being really negative about this whole thing. People at the left at this trailer for Robin Hood twenty eighteen the mocking it talking about. Do we need another one? Like, yes, we do actually personally very excited to have a new Robin Hood was really looking forward to this. Updated version of robinhood now, I don't know if there's sarcasm, but I was. House goes economic. Still like I was really looking forward to a new version the rubber now, I'm gonna be honest with you. I'm going to. I'm a man with a with an open mind. I said it was ten years that we had the really Scott, Robin Hood. And it was not good. Let's be honest. I mean, really Scott genius Bill make it, but that s a movie he just pulled out his ass and. Legend begin alleged ends with this film here. I said Robin Hood is such a great Thala. She's such a great story. Such a great legend. I grew up actually loving the legend of Robin Hood and the stories, and I said, you know, something I'm waiting for a God on his good version modern version of robinhood in we'll we're gonna find out if this is it in. I'm gonna play this trailer for you got Canard over here with pretty much a book. He's reading for this movie. That's deep. This movie reevaluate my life and get things ready. He's ready to move on. We don't watch this trend. Let me..

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