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You're in the right state, j you just miss it up. R J you go first this time. Give you harder one. Jay arnold. Palmer. Great golfer. Arnold Palmer LSU. No, do you know any golfer where they went to Mace? Chris paul. No, no. I'll say. University of Illinois. Good guests. No, Greg, Tim Duncan Wake Forest. There you go. Greg Bergman on the board. Wake forest. Did you need Duncan? No. I was thinking Wake Forest, but then that helped I Chris. All right. May she go first this time, correct? Yep. Jason kidd. Oh. Really? Marquette Greg hell. You didn't let me get the good answer out Ramona shelbert. Oh, yeah. All right. J gone it with you would Greg is three Steve S three J bupkus. I'm horrible at this game. I used to be really good at this game with stump the Schwab. All right. Okay. Mason for so j you go or Greg Yuga versus time. Mike me sina. Michigan j Tiger Woods. Can I steal? No, no. I have no idea. Oh, boy Mace. John elway. Stanford. They. All right. Mason is one away from winning it Greg as three and who went I that time. Jay did. Right. All right Mace Napoleon McCallum. For the win. I'll say how about Notre Dame? No, Greg Roger Staubach. I should know this. Yup. I do not know I say hold on. I'm gonna say hurry up, Texas. Jay David Robinson army. Oh name. Nobody got that one. All right. Greg. Carl lewis. Track star Carl Lewis. You. You know, j Clyde Drexler I. Washington. Maze for the win Kemalism on Houston. Here's Ston there. It is. All right. Very I believe you one the alumni game. The last time I Mason is now undefeated in the alumni gave king about turning pro. All right, Jason Kidd. I missed it. I did miss. I should have had that. Because I remember didn't. He engineer a coup while he was got the coach coach fired. Yeah. All right. Play around a fact or fiction fact or fiction toss me a pin their John I will be able to keep score myself. Jay you can play and Greg you can play. All right, number one. In the last sixteen summers. I'm sorry. In the last sixteen summer Olympic Olympics Liechtenstein is the only country to never win any medal last sixteen summer Olympic Olympics Liechtenstein only country to never win any medal. Is that factor is that fiction? John that's fiction. There's gotta be another country that hasn't meddled, Greg. I think that he wants us to think it's fiction, but it's true. We'll break the tide fiction. That is one hundred percent. Lichtenstein only country they metal often in the winter games. But they do not winner do not meddle in the summer. Right. Indian man are June chara holds the Guinness Book of world Guinness Book world record for standing on your head. He did it for one hundred and eighty three days. Greg is a factor fiction. Let's go with fact. Okay. Jay fiction three days. No way that's fiction. Jay, and John are correct. Under native dates on your ten on his. Three. Yeah. You would die from that. All right. Norwegian cross country skier odd Bjorn in. Jim is set. Jim is set says that the reason he didn't win the gold medal in the twenty ten Olympics is because he watched too much porn again. No region cross country skier odd Bure shimmy, set says that the reason he didn't win the gold medal in the twenty ten Olympics is because he watched too much porn J. Corrales is at factories up fiction fiction goes fiction..

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