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Getting runs with his starters. He's out there crap in his pants. Actually, he's making other guys crap their pants. He's been doing one on one drills just leaving guys on the ground. This guy is so shifty so quick is routes are crisp. And I think that that's the kind of guy that Tannehill is going to love throwing to. I know treylon Burks is the big name. And you probably don't want to trade for Trey long right now. Unless you got him while all the bad news was coming out that he had asthma and he couldn't stay on the field and also if the owner still feels that way. Absolutely. That was absolutely ridiculous. The guys never played football before. I didn't understand that at all. I think Phillips is a good buy though. Tannehill had Jarvis Landry to throw to plan a similar role that potentially Kyle Phillips could play one Tannehill was in Miami. So can get Kyle Phillips like production out of or sorry, excuse me. Jarvis Landry like production out of Kyle Phillips and maybe not his rookie year, but second year. Eventually. Also. Is there a wide receiver crew that is like less sexy than the Titan screw though? We have Nick Westbrook. You could probably bring up Robert Woods too here though. We have Robert Woods. He's also an ultra by. Yeah, he's every eerie plays he's good. Also like other buys, Hassan Haskins, the running back that they draft out of Michigan. I know that he's going to be the back of the

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